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The art of celebrating your wins – Inspired by Lea Salonga

Here we were at the back of the bar at the Intercontinental hotel.  “Hi! I’m Tina!” I said as I shook Leas’ hand.  “Yes! We met on Twitter!” Lea said.

Wow! My hero, my idol, someone that I have looked up to for over 30 years remembers me. She had responded to my blog post just before her Sydney concert: You can read it here: How to deal with Haters, Critics and Judgemental people


She told us how starving she was after her Sydney Concert at the Sydney Town Hall. I had an out of “body experience” as I sat next to Lea while she ate her burger and chips.

I think that’s the experience you get when you are in the moment.

You see everything slowing down. Yep! That’s the state I wanted to be in when I met my hero.

After years of learning her songs and listening to her recordings, I reflected back. If I had made the first Sydney cast of Miss Saigon, would I have been at this table next to Lea Salonga? I think not….

This is where my life was meant to be.

I look back and think everything has a time, there is a purpose and trust God or the universe.

I felt like all the hustle, let downs and the highs had led to this very moment.

I was happy to just “BE.”

Be in the moment. Be me.

This was my celebration.

I didn’t need to get the “selfie” with Lea.

I was just happy to soak everything in. Thank you Lea for being so gracious and down to earth. I enjoyed just chatting about our families and life.


I am thankful to our mutual friend Rosary for introducing us.  A bigger thank you to Rob and Christian for their patience.

Carol Monoloto, thank you for including my students and I at Lea’s first ever Sydney concert, what an incredible experience! Thank you to the production team, fellow support artists and especially to Andrew Baris, our dance teacher, who has the gift of bringing out the best out of us!

Thank you to the One Voice families and students for your continued support. I am extremely proud of the kids who put their heart and soul into their performances.

IMG_6285 IMG_6284 IMG_6287

How do you celebrate your wins? Do you celebrate your wins? Tell us in the comments below.

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I want you to think about your latest achievement and make sure you give yourself a pat on the back. Sometimes we forget and we move on to the next goal.

You deserve that celebration.

Musically your Tina xx



If you loved these amazing photos Photo Credit goes to: Dennis Pelaez dpelaezphotography.com.au (the twins’ dad)

Thank you Cherlize’s dad Cy for taking this footage of our performance.

If you would like a copy of Be heard you can download it here on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/be-heard/id944094298?i=944094307



6 ways to deal with Haters, Critics and Judgmental people

I spent last week in bed with the flu. When you have a blocked nose, sore back and joints you realise what you take for granted. Just being able to breathe and move painlessly and freely is a blessing!

The accumulation of anxious, stress and high expectation had hit me and bowled me over. It started at the first rehearsal for the Lea Salonga concert is which is to be held on Friday 31st of July 2015 at the Sydney Town Hall. The director said to the whole cast, “You know there’s been talk of people in the community wondering why amateur performers have been chosen to be the support act for international star Lea Salonga.”

“Some people are not liking the choices made.”

Some even taking to facebook asking why would people pay $150 to watch a bunch of amateurs, even boasting “Looks like I have stirred something in the Filipino-Australian community.”

Others commented back, defending the choices made saying, “they are the quiet achievers in the community.”

I started to feel every cell in my body deflate.

I had so much doubt in my mind- what if they are right? Am I kidding myself? Am I deserving of this opportunity?

Yes, me! Someone who has had 20 years experience as a professional singer and Vocal Teacher.

Let’s face it, there are so many amazing Filipino- Australian singers in the community, some well known in the community, some waiting to be discovered, some quietly working their butt off studying their craft, slowly planting the seeds.

How lucky are we to have the opportunity to watch them grow!

So before you use the term amateur with a negative connotation, think about this:

Of course while studying at school (because that’s where children are supposed to be at during the day) they study and work on the craft after school, attending singing lessons, dance lessons, choir practices or rehearsing for upcoming shows.

  • Some are part of organisations that perform for corporate gigs, concerts and big events in Sydney.
  • Some have worked and sung on stage together with international acts like Charice and David Pomeranz (who has graciously mentored some of these kids and myself)
  • Some gracing the stage of amateur community productions as the leading ladies (which normally are filled with professional musicians, and singers who just want to give back to the community or are waiting for the next professional show to start back in town)
  • Some kids have even represented Australia in major singing competitions overseas.
  • Two will be creating their first album of original songs and one of them will be working with producers who have worked with Jessica Malbouy, this particular student had also graduated with honours at Newtown performing arts school and is now studying music full time.
  • One has been a recording artist in the Philippines.
  • One has performed for a function in front of the Australian Prime Minister.
  • Some performed in Disneyland, Universal studios, and major theme parks in LA and have sung and performed down Hollywood Boulevard, part of the Hollywood Christmas Parade.

Before Marlisa was “Marlisa” winner of X-factor, I remember preparing her and a bunch of other talented kids to be a support act for one of the biggest stars in the Philippines- Sharon Cuneta.

When will you embrace their gifts? When they make it on reality TV?

Who’s to say you are not special NOW. 

These kids are gems, being polished and nurtured over time. Without opportunities like this they will not flourish…you will not see their greatness, they will not be able to shine and showcase how special they are.

So before you judge; please take a look at yourself.

What have you done or what are you doing to follow your dreams?

If you are following your dreams! Great. So you know how hard it is when people around you say, “You can’t!” You are always the first one to defy them and show them what you are made of.

Don’t dampen the dreams of kids who only see the good, who only want to sing because it makes them feel alive.

This event is a celebration of song and expression.

A celebration of what Lea represents to the Filipino community all around the world, especially to the young.

Hope! That’s what she represents.  The hope that if you work hard and never lose sight of your dreams, you can make things happen.

Lea is someone I looked up to and have admired since the age of 7. She inspired me to call my School “ONE VOICE.”

One voice can change the world…Lea’s voice changed my world, it created a ripple affect that has reached our shores and what an incredible impact she has in our children’s lives, especially my students.


So no matter if you are a budding or professional performer don’t let anyone bring you down! Keep believing! Be heard! 

Here are 6 ways to deal with the “Haters” or “Judgmental” people:

  1. First of all forgive them- Sometimes they haven’t really thought about their negative comments and the effect it can have, some just have no idea what it’s all about and not really thinking about the bigger picture.


  1. Don’t dwell on what you cannot control. Thoughts can consume you and the worry and stress is wasted energy. Focus on what you need to get done and the finer details so you can crush your goals and make your performances even better.


  1. If there is some truth to what they say, then use it to “Fuel your Fear” a term I got from author Kassandra Bibas. Work extra harder during the rehearsals and take it constructively. Be the best you can be! This quote was a golden nugget after a chat with performance coach Ed Tseng – “Fear and insecurity are just memory and imagination ~Michael Neill”


  1. Surround yourself with positive people who will encourage you in an honest and genuine way. Talk to a coach, a mastermind group or someone that can give you strategies to overcome any negative thinking.


  1. List down all the amazing and wonderful things you have already achieved. My cousin Remy shared this with me: “Let go, or be dragged.” ~Zen proverb.
11754482_10205859820549542_1041468199847031786_o (1)


  1. Be grateful that you have been chosen to be part of something bigger than yourself. Life coach Heidi Howes mentioned to “Look outwards rather than inwards.”


I hope this helps you overcome any stress caused by negative energy. A big thank you to the people who helped me get through the past few weeks: Andrew Baris, Ed Tseng, Heidi Howes, Sharon, my mastermind group – Kassandra, Phil and Keri and especially Rob and Christian.

How do you deal with haters and judgmental people?

Tell us in the comments below. It might just help someone else.


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Lea Salonga will be on our TV screens here in Australia on the Today show, Wednesday 29th of July 2015. Channel 9. Watch between 6am-9am.

There are a few tickets left for Lea Salonga Tickets this coming Friday the 31st of July 2015, Sydney Town Hall.

I hope to see you there and if you see a support artist in the crowd the night of the concert, please give them a word of encouragement; it will make a world of difference.

If you would like to listen to some of my inspirational musical guest please subscribe to my new podcast on iTunes “One Voice can change the world.”

Email me at tina [at] tinabangel [dot] com if you need to chat or any help vocally.


Musically yours


The One Voice of Karly Nimmo – How to become a voice over artist

Karly Nimmo is the host of very popular business podcast Karlosophies

After a seriously bad haircut (a ‘frullet’) from an evil hairdresser who, after revealing his disaster, dared to mutter the words ‘There! Now you have the perfect head for radio!’, Karly decided she was far too attractive to continue in radio land. It was time for a change. While her stunning looks made her an obvious choice for a life in front of the camera, her nous for business, warm vocal abilities, terrible haircut and emotionally scarring from said hairdresser, led her straight to the recording booth.

She has voiced, and co-ordinated projects for big names… like Telstra, NAB, Panasonic, Sensis, McAfee, Jims, Ebay and Brambles. In addition, Karly has narrated a 26 part television series, can be heard in schools Australia wide via electronic whiteboards and has played many a character in children’s software programs. Her friendly, unpatronising and well rounded sound makes her ideal for learning – at both an adult and children’s level.

While her once hideous hair cut is these days just a distant memory, the emotional scarring remains… she is destined to be behind the mic (and behind the business) and, thankfully, that is where she’ll remain.

It’s difficult to put someone like Karly Nimmo into just one box.  At her very core, Karly is a connector, communicator and creator.  She also wears hats as a small business mentor, mastermind facilitator, voice over artist and agent, keen podcaster and writer, but above all, a devoted and loving mother. Oh and she’s funny as all hell.

We chat about:

  1. How she got started as a voice over artist
  2. How she prepares for her Voice over work?
  3. Who are her mentors and who she draws inspiration from?
  4. How to create a portable sound booth
  5. Advice would you give to someone who is looking into using their voice as a career.

Karly’s tips to becoming a Voice over Artist

  1. Try getting experience on community Radio
  2. Be proactive Source work
  3. Access to a studio
  4. Have equipment
  5. Be available
  6. Be committed and consistent


  1. Blue Yeti
  2. USB mic – that Plugs and Plays
  3. Software – Garageband,Audacity is free thank can edit
  4. Space – acoustic form room – Anything to soften the space even your wardrobe
  5. Pop filter
  6. Headphones – anything that’s closed, be aware of
  7. Port-a-booth – IKEA boxes lined with mattress foam

You can connect with Karly at :


You can listen to our interview here on iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/one-voice-can-change-world/id996957012?mt=2

You can watch the video here:


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Websites & Podcasts we chat about

Download your free cheatsheet – 5 essential tips to get your album started http://www.tinabangel.com/starmakerguide

Lewis Howes – The School of Greatness https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/school-greatness-lewis-howes/id596047499?mt=2

Johnathon Fields – The good life project https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/good-life-project-inspiration/id647826736?mt=2

Kassandra Bibas – She runs the show https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/podcast-for-women-entrepreneurs/id953470376?mt=2

B-school  with Marie Forleo http://www.marieforleo.com/


The One Voice of Elly Oh – 10 ways to be a resourceful singer to land better gigs and opportunities

A voice that truly change my world! It’s a great honour to have Elly Oh on my Podcast.  Because of Elly’s resourcefulness, I am so fortunate to see the Dalai Lama with her during his visit to Sydney.  She will have the honour to sing for his holiness during his visit.  How did she get the gig?  She asked!!! She offered her singing services as a gift so she can meet his holiness and in return was offered two free tickets to the event. What a lifetime experience and also an opportunity to share your gift with one of the most respected people on earth.  That is something money cannot buy.

Elly is one of the most resourceful singer I know.  She is not afraid to go after what she wants and helps create opportunities around her.


Born in South Korea, Elly Oh has been in the music industry for over 10 years. She first discovered her passion for music when she was 18 years old after volunteering to sing to an old patient at the hospital where the nurse thought Elly had an amazing voice. After studying Bachelor of Opera at the University of Hanyang in South Korea, Elly moved to Italy to pursue her opera career and complete a diploma of Opera.

Elly has performed at various Opera events including places in Italy, Korea and also in Sydney. She has won various awards for her Opera abilities including first prize in the McDonalds Opera competition (World Song).

After moving to Sydney, Australia Elly has changed her vocal style to pop as she enjoyed the upbeat music. She is currently teaching students to sing in a private studio based on her Opera techniques as well as performing the occasional special event.

In May 2014, Elly appeared on the Voice Australia 2014 where she blew away 4 coaches within 5 secs of her blind audition with her powerful rendition of Jessie J’s “Mama Knows Best”. During the Battle Rounds she continued to wow Australia and the world (alongside her mentor and coach Ricky Martin) with her Opera voice and was clearly the early favourite to win the Voice Australia 2014.

Moving to Sydney only 5 years ago, knowing very little English, Elly found the courage and motivation to audition on national television for The Voice Australia 2014, placing her in the Top 12 out of 8000 plus auditions and is now considered one of Australia’s loveable artist.

You need to enable Javascript to view this video

Inspired by Elly’s determination I have come up with 10 ways to be a resourceful singer to land better gigs and opportunities.

I am assuming you are a wonderful singer already!

1. Find a good Vocal Coach
If you have a credible Vocal teacher and if she or he can see that you are a reliable student, your teacher might be able to connect you with auditions or refer you to musicians or producers who are looking for a particular singer.

2. Create a EPK (electronic press kit)
An EPK is a must for anyone seeking exposure and publicity as an artist. You can send your electronic press kit to music industry professionals, clubs, media or anybody who might be interested in your work. EPK is your professional resume to the world.
Check out Guy Sebastian’s EPK

3. Don’t be afraid to do charity gigs
I know some people find it difficult to do charity gigs. If the organisation is a good fit for you and you feel you can build on a professional relationship over the years then consider it. Elly created an opportunity to sing at Kirribilli House by helping raise funds for Kids Xpress. They remembered her work and contacted her to sing for their charity event at the Prime Ministers House.

4. Collaborate with other Artists
Many designers are looking to showcase their work. Consider teaming up with a designer- Clothes, hat, shoes. Help promote their work during your gig as well as on social media (Love Instagram)

5. Hold your next gig at your ideal restaurant or café
You might be able to get a free performing space as long as you bring a crowd in, you may like to ask the owner if you can charge a cover fee that you can keep at the end of the night.

6. Create your album or EP
It will be a great way to showcase your credibility. You will meet new musicians and people in the industry and spark your creativity. It’s a win win for all. If you are looking to start creating your album I have a free cheat sheet for you- I’ll show you 5 essential steps to start creating your album:

7. Find an agent or a few agents
Send them your EKP and make sure you address each agent by their name.  Get to know who they are and if they offer gigs at venues that suit you.

8. Find Expos
If you are interested in landing wedding gigs join Wedding Expos in your area. See if you can sing before the bridal parade as guests are getting seated or sing during the Parade or pay to get a booth.  If you have a booth, have promotional materials & video footage handy.  You can even hand out CDs to the bride to be!

9. Join a reality TV show

I know many people are against this process but if you have an action plan and you are smart about it you can make it work for yourself. If you are mentally set for it go for it!
If at all possible have products and services ready to promote straight after you finish the show.

10. Find Sponsors
Finding Sponsors that are inline with your brand can help you get better gig or help create your credibility as a serious performer.

Do you have a clever tip on how to get better gigs and opportunities? Share it in the comments below.

You can connect with Elly at http://www.ellyoh.com

You can listen to the episode on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/ep-003-elly-oh-how-to-be-resourceful/id996957012?i=344303654&mt=2

You can download the free Cheat sheet to start your album creation here: http://www.tinabangel.com/starmakerguide

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The One Voice of Brian Lorenz – How to use Visualisation to improve your performances

Brian Lorenz has become one of the most sought after Filipino artists in Australia. He can sing, he can dance and he sure can entertain!

Brian was born to perform! Born and raised in a small town in the Philippines, he started singing and dancing at school from an early age. His late father always encouraged him to perform and he was often putting on a show for him in exchange for lollies.

As a common trend in his hometown, Brian moved to the big city to explore the opportunities that Manila could offer. One opportunity lead to another and he travelled to many countries for dance engagements. For Brian to fulfill his dreams and aspirations he knew he would have to leave the Philippines and so Australia became the lucky country and in 2008 Brian arrived in Sydney to start a new life.

He began his journey by studying hairdressing whilst continuing with his dancing and quickly became entrenched in the Ballroom Dancing community. In 2009, Brian’s talent for dancing was spotted and he was offered a scholarship to study his Bachelor of Dance at Wesley College in Sydney where he graduated in 2011.

After dancing for over a decade, Brian never had confidence in his singing until he was prevented from entering a Talent Quest as a dancer (as he was too good and too experienced). Instead he entered as a vocalist. He went on to win the quest singing one of his now signature songs “The Prayer”.

Realising now that he could sing, Brian whilst still studying continued to enter Talent Quests around Sydney and became well acquainted to performing with a live band and over time gained popularity in the main stream and in the Filipino community. The experience was invaluable and after winning competitions at Blacktown RSL, Cabra-Vale Diggers, Lakemba Ex Servicemen’s Club and Canterbury Bankstown Leagues Club, he has transitioned into being one of the featured performers in many leading clubs and venues all over New South Wales. Since the start of his professional performing career he has already shared the stage with Australia’s leading and multi-awarded international performers Karen Beckett, Stephen Fisher King, Kel-Anne Brandt and Lisa Crouch. Not to mention Australia’s X-Factor winners Dami Im and Marlisa Ann and Israel X-Factor winner Rose Fostanes.

In 2013, Brian started producing his own shows and has received outstanding reviews. With his wonderful voice from heaven and his unique ability to entertain he has created a big fan base and due to widespread requests saw him launch his debut album “It’s Time” at his spectacular self produced production show at Rooty Hill RSL in October 2014.

In this podcast, Brian shares with us his secrets to his successful performances

• The power of Visualisation

• What he never does before a performance

• His daily Routines to help him become a better performer

• You can visit him at http://www.brianlorenz.com.au

• I also mention the guide to help you get started with your album creation.  Download your free cheat sheet to start creating your first album http://www.tinabangel.com/starmakerguide



You can watch the video interview here:

You need to enable Javascript to view this video

You can listen to the podcast here:

What a Vocal teacher learnt whilst singing with Martin Nievera

“Consistent sold out venues”, “Brilliant energy from start to finish”, “Incredible voice” these are just some of the feedback Martin Nievera had during his Sydney concert last Friday 8th of May, 2015.  It was certainly one to remember. I had the honour to sing as Martins’ Backing Vocalist and it’s always such an amazing experience to work with such a down to earth, talented, witty and funny person.

From time to time we come across performer who really knows how to connect with the audience. I mean REALLY CONNECT…. from the heart and from the soul…without trying.  Of course this comes from 3 decades of interacting with the audience but there is something special when it’s consistent.

So this is what I learnt while singing with Martin Nievera.


Make your fans feel special

Consistently, Martin is always giving time to his fans. He didn’t just stay in his dressing room, he remembers people’s names and acknowledges them. He spoke to people before his performance and hung outside his dressing room. Watched a few support artists and complimented them. He genuinely loves to interact with his fans, happy to sign CDs and happy to do shout out to fans via social media.

How do you engage with your fans?



Thank you Martin for the special shout out to my One Voice Students!


Be proud of your heritage

Best part of the concert! When he said that Filipinos have the ability to give to the world. We are the carers and that we should all be proud about what we do in the world. He acknowledges the people who left their home in the Philippines to make a better life for themselves in Australia.

“The world is watching”. Do “good” in the world, don’t lie and don’t be dishonest was his main message.

So simple and it’s what we teach our kids from a young age, every now and then we need reminding even as adults.

How are you being of service to the world?



Rehearse with the band and take control

Martin takes pride to rehearse with his band. If he is not happy with something he assertively fixes it. I have seen it before with his last rehearsal where he has a certain standard of people that he works with and if they don’t meet it he will request a change even if it is last minute. You want to surround yourself with people whom you can rely on. People who help you create the best show and bring out the best in you. Know your expectations.

He endearingly called his band the Meat Pie band because they consisted of young amazing Australian Musicians. Of course he mentioned that their first step after landing in Sydney was Harry’s Café Dewheels. So another witty way to interact with the Aussie Audience.

When choosing musicians find people that care about your performance. Acknowledge your band members in the show and include them in your patter.




Respect everyone you work with

Each performance Martin always is grateful and will give each of his band members a signed CD with a special message.

How do you show your appreciation towards the people you work with?


Be you

Martin is open that he has had ups and downs with his relationship- often making fun of himself, his ex-wife Pops Fernandez and his life. Never taking himself too seriously. He shares his personal life often referring to his kids and tying in their family story with the show. I think there is a special bond with the audience as he talks about the times when his kids were little and he would watch them sleep. Martin added an original heart felt song that he wrote with Mr. Louie Ocampo about his boys. (Seems that every songwriter with a child relates to this- here’s a song I wrote about Christian – Tomorrow it’ll be a better day)

Has something or someone in your life inspired you to write a song that you can include in your show?


Be surrounded by family

Every concert he always acknowledges his family in the crowd. So now we know him more personally.

Consider bringing on a talented family member to be part of your show. Martin brought on board his talented twin sister Vicky. They sang a 70s Medley of songs that reminded them of their happy times in their childhood.

Do you have a family member you can invite to be part of your show?

11202666_840772179311637_248453638921344295_n 11169811_840772145978307_3284313700354409990_n

Be encouraging to performers starting out

You can learn so much from young talents even as a seasoned performer. It can be humbling to know that we all started at the beginning once. It takes courage and persistence to make it in this industry. It’s also such a small industry and we need to look after each other. It was so wonderful to see One Voice Alumni and past students working the stage- Melanie Balagtas, Bryan Ines, Bernadette Marquez, Alwyn de la Santos and Ylonda.

How do you conduct yourself around musicians who are starting out or are seasoned?

Young or old we all just want to be validated.

11169811_840769462645242_6404353239404460985_n 1512400_840769342645254_6016150025909309430_n


Always be ready to learn new songs

Martin is always really to learn new songs. We had dinner during the rehearsals and Mr. Louie Ocampo was calling out all these new songs that are popular currently on the radio. They chatted about the new version of Dusty Springfield’s song- you don’t own me. By the way, you can check out the song I wrote with Louie Ocampo and Lionel Cole called Be Heard. You can also check out my new Be Heard EP in iTunes.

Martin is not afraid to learn new songs and the audience loves it. He even threw in a One Direction song – the story of my life after his son had dared him to sing a modern song.

Which new song have you been planning to learn? Create a new version of it and plan to sing it at your next gig.

Create a story within your performance

The whole concert revolved 3 decades of music and performing. He shared his life as a child, his family and takes the audience down memory lane with his TELESERYE  medley.

Try to incorporate the senses. Include visual footage of all the milestones in your life.

One thing he wanted to do was be part of Broadway. He sung a Broadway medley, which the audience absolutely loved.

Is there something that your audience doesn’t know about you? Where you can tie in a song to showcase that secret?


Be humble and of service

Martin is there to entertain, to make people laugh to make them cry and to make every person the in audience feel great about themselves. My favourite part of the night was the comfort he brought to Nanay Consuela who had stage 4 cancer. It brought me to tears, which I tried very hard to hold back. It was so touching and beautiful.

11260933_840773049311550_4754646417004270615_nWhat will touch your audience’s heart? Are there elements and moments of happiness, seriousness, a chance to educate, wit, light-heartedness, sexiness, love.

All of this combined just made this an incredible performance and memorable.

Love and respect your audience so much that you will never be forgotten. Time and time again they will see you at the next concert and buy your CDS and be a fan for life! All because you took the time to know them.

I would love to know 3 concepts that you can incorporate into your show? Maybe you have a concept that you would like to share that is unique to your show.

Please share, comment and like this post if you found it helpful.  Also pass it on to a friend who will benefit from it.

Photo credit by Darryl O’brien Photography

Musically yours


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The One Voice of Marcus Rivera




Singer, dancer, actor and Vocal Coach Marcus Rivera has been in the professional productions of The King and I, Miss Saigon, Sweeny Todd, Pirates of Penzance, The Mikado just to name a few. He has taught Vocals for Australian College for Theatre and TV, The Australian Institute of Music.

I am thrilled to have him as a guest on the blog and podcast.  He is so versatile and talented yet so humble and sooooo funny! Marcus shares how he got started in the music industry, breathing techniques that have helped him with his singing, how to connect with the audience when performing and how he keeps himself motivated.We chat about his latest project as a host for the upcoming Lea Salonga Sydney concert on the 31st of July, 2015. My students will also be part of the production which we are so excited about!

If you would like to connect with Marcus and follow his exciting new ventures and up coming shows please visit him on www.marcusrivera.com.

You can watch the full video interview here.

You can listen via soundcloud here :

I would love to know what breathing technique do you use or a singing tip that has helped you. Comment below and share it with us.  If you enjoyed this post please feel free to share and like this post!

Until next time!

Musically yours Tina

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15 ways to help overcome performance anxiety

Last night I was at a party and someone mentioned they watched the Darren Espanto and Lyca Gairanod Sydney concert. They were the winners of the Voice Philippines.  She was amazed on how wonderful Darren and Lyca took to the stage and interacted with the audience. I agreed with her 100%. What you see is a product of hours of rehearsing, touring and full time work. There is no doubt that if a child has the opportunity to live, breathe and work in a performing environment they will soar and stand out on stage- especially when they had the vocal ability, stage presence and DRIVE in the first place. That is their job… they are to sing the same songs, the same patter every night at every show as well as every media appearance.

Lyca, only 10 years old, captured the audience with her wonderful personality, it was amusing to see her personality shine through whist telling jokes and leaving the audience wanting more. Darren had a Voice that was so powerful and agile. A very humble and charming 14-year-old boy who originally came from Canada.

One Voice Kids had an amazing time supporting Darren Espanto and Lyca Gairanod. We were privileged and honoured that Cheers entertainment invited the kids to be part of the show.

I always tell the kids I teach to expect the unexpected. Always be prepared for microphones to not work or blocking needing to be changed due to uncontrollable circumstances.

One Voice consisted of Jade Lee ,Charlize Santos,Jared Lesaca, Jill Gutierrez, Lorenz Garcia, Olivia Bosworth, Jessica Jerusalem, Elouise Kalixte Pelaez, Imarosa Kei Tungul,   Kaitryel Pelaez, Khristienne Ison , Joy Laquian, Angelo Marasigan. They shared the support act with 7 wonderful local talents that night. Mikee Anne de Leon, Dani de Leon, Chelsea Castillo, Jasmine Montemayor Henry, Danikka and Daniela Vassallo and Chantelle Santos.

So the unexpected did happen where microphones didn’t work and luckily one performer was professional enough to keep going. She belted out the song and the audience cheered for her because they supported her courageous act to keep singing.

An accumulation of these events can make any performer (budding or seasoned) anxious.

Anxiety can come in a few forms:

  • Sweaty Palms
  • Dry mouth
  • Tears
  • Shallow fast breathing
  • Forgetfulness
  • Inability to move on the stage

Here are 15 ways to overcome these anxiety attacks before a show.

1.  Make sure you have perfectly practiced before the show. Go over the songs and know your lyrics inside out before you hit the stage

2.  Get a Vocal Coach to help you with problem areas and to make sure the song in the right key for you. Do not rely on just your lessons to practice; you must do the hard work at home too.

3.  Do the movements that you have gone over with your coach, trust that you will be fine. Your coach makes you practice the moves so that when stage fright occurs you do the moves that you have been working on in class without having to think about them, it should come second nature. When you feel comfortable on stage that is when you can allow yourself to adlib. But when in doubt always go back to what you have been practicing or working on with your coach. Also practice how you will introduce your songs or interact with the audience.

4.  Use the iPad, recording device or your phone to record your rehearsal performance, moves and facial expression. Watch it back (even if it’s painful) notice what is working and fix what is not.

5.  Visualize the moves, the way you would love to sound like, your look (costume, hair) in your head every night before the concert. Visualize even the audience members- picture your friends and family in the audience happily supporting you.

6.  Make sure you find out what the stage looks like before hand and do your research. Does it have stairs, does it have backstage curtains, where will you enter and exit, will you have a cordless microphone or chorded microphone, will someone be handing the microphone to you. Will you be handing the microphone to someone after your song?

7.  Do not wear clothes that make you feel uncomfortable – make sure your shoes and clothes are comfortable to move in and that make you feel like a star.

8.  Use essential oils. Marv Johnson, the essential oil educator has four recommendations to ease anxiety and to calm the nerves before a performance.  Marv’s podcast is one of my favourite podcasts I listen to. You can see why here: The essential oil podcast.

  • First is Frankincense: It is very calming to the nervous system. Put a couple of drops in your hands, rub together gently, cup and inhale. Three to five deep breaths have a quick and instant effect. Then gently massage on the back of the neck.
  • Second is Lavender: Studies have shown that the inhalation of lavender oil can communicate signals to the olfactory system and stimulate the brain to exert neurotransmitters (e.g. serotonin and dopamine) thereby further regulating mood.
  • The third is Wild Orange essential oil. Wild orange creates both a sense of calm and alertness. Put a couple of drops in your hands, rub together gently, cup and inhale. Three to five deep breaths have a quick and instant effect. Then gently massage on the back of the neck.
  • Marv personally likes peppermint oil because it is a stimulant and typically when he feels fear and he gets subdued. The peppermint oil stimulates the oxygen flow to the brain providing a sense of sharpness and confidence.


essential oils

9.  Exhaling out and inhaling deeply will help.

10.  If you feel that you have lack of energy a few star jumps to wake you up.

11.  Drink plenty of water, at least 20 minutes before a performance to keep you hydrated.

12.  If you have a dry mouth slightly and gently bite on your tongue to release saliva.

13.  Do your vocal warm ups– general rule is to do a long warm up for a short set and a short warm up for a long set.

14.  Talk to a friend or family member if that calms you down. Give them a hug or high five and SMILE…. remember that its just fun!

15.  Also something that I always do before a show or when my students have a concert is Pray. Giving gratitude to God or to the universe makes a big difference. The best part is when we all hold hands and one of the students leads the prayers. It really makes me feel alive and grateful to know that we are making a difference in a child’s life one song at a time.

Little (1)

Hope this helps! If you want more Vocal tips and learn how you can sing on stage with the stars please sign up to our newsletter.

Musically yours Tina

P.S Don’t forget One Voice will be support acts to Ms Lea Salonga on the 31st of July, Sydney Town Hall. Tickets are now on sale. For more information email me at tina [at] tinabangel [dot] com

P.S.S I have a few private lessons slots available for term 2. Please contact me if you would like me to mentor you, I would love to meet you and work with you or your child.



10 ways to make your performances more expressive with Tiana Canterbury

If there was a modern-day super woman Tiana Canterbury would be it!  So grounded and down to earth, I first met Tiana at her brother’s wedding, who was marrying one of my best friends in high school. Wow! That feels like a lifetime ago.  During One Voice’s second end of year concert we were lucky to have Tiana’s husband, Mike Champion as one of our guest performers.  It’s so wonderful to see how far they have come. They are such an incredible couple.  I am honoured to have Tiana as a guest today sharing her invaluable tips for performing and movement.  This Hip Hop choreographer for Australia’s so you think you can dance, leads a very busy life inspiring everyone she comes into contact with.

Tell us about what you do and your new studio.

I am a choreographer, dancer, video clip director, personal trainer, I manage my own dance studio, an Afro and Drumming show and a kids Military Style boot camp obstacle course for birthday parties, schools and private events.

I just recently opened my own dance studio called, ‘Your Hip Hop Class’ and I am extremely blessed that it is doing so well so far. It’s a dance studio with all classes based around Hip Hop dance. We have Hip Hop classes from beginners to advance, Couples hip hop classes, Fitness hip hop classes, Performance group classes and many more. Y.H.H.C. has also had many International choreographers and artist teach a class or make an appearance at the studio. This is definitely a studio you can learn, dance with and see the best of the best in the industry.

What was it like growing up?  When did you know you wanted to be a dancer?

Growing up was great!! I grew up in South Africa till the age of 10 years old and then we migrated to Australia in 1989. Being the only girl and the youngest of 3, my 2 older brothers would always have the newest music and dance moves they had seen from watching video clips and I would copy them from a very young age of 3 years old.

When I got to the age of 7/8 years old I would teach the kids in the street routines and formations and then put shows on for parties and local shows.

This was the age I knew that I wanted to be a dancer and would practice in my room and copy every Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson video clip. I then moved to Oz and once again taught other friends I knew routines in the area and performed at school events and performed with one of my brothers as bigger shows around Australia.

When I was growing up dancing, we never had Youtube or classes for Hip Hop… So you had to remember quickly what moves were done in the video clip you seen and practice it just using your memory until you seen it again to run it with the song. haha

Dance was also all about the groove and fun. Good times.

How do you juggle teaching, workouts and running your household? 

I make sure that I am prepared the night before on how the next day will flow and I have a schedule for each day that I try to stay on top on the hour. I am also very lucky to have a partner who is in the entertainment industry and is very understanding and hands on with sharing the loads.

I do make it a priority to make sure I have family time and me time amongst all the hustle and bustle.


Tell us what your day looks like in the Canterbury/Champion household.

We wake up at 6am with the kids and get them all ready for school. At 9am we go train outside or gym or if baby is not at school… I do a Baby Mama Workout with her at the park.   Around midday I do admin work baby is sleeping and then baby time once she is up.  When kids get home from school we do homework and dinner, then back to the studio to teach at night. I get home around 10pm and then will tidy the house up for the next day. And then back to preparing for the next.

Dancers are always animated when it come to facial expressions which I love!!! Especially when you watch so you think you can dance.  For someone who struggles with expressing themselves in body movement and facial expressions when performing,  what advice would you give them? 

My advice would be to always map out your performance/show by knowing :

– what your dance is about or what feeling the beat is giving you

– the character or emotions you would need to express within your piece or song

– what energy and execution you need to express through your movement/choreography/routine.

– how to use your space/stage, levels/highs/lows and light and shade with the dance piece like slow moves or fast moves that compliment the song or beat.

Once you have this in front of you written or in your head…you need to then get into a studio or in front of any mirror and rehearse this over and over again and DO NOT be afraid to look at yourself and critic each facial expressions and movement. When running through your piece, get into a habit of perfecting and work on it until you are comfortable, confident and happy with what you have produced. At the end of the day, from body movement to facial expressions… it is all muscle memory and needs to be worked on and trained every chance you can for it to sit well in the body and you are confident with it!

Once you are confident, it will definitely shine through your performance.


List 10 things they can do to help their performance become more expressive.

1. Find a connection with the song or character

2. Get in front of the mirror and exercise the facial muscles by expressing different facial expressions

3. Get comfortable looking at yourself in the mirror and perfect the feeling and connection with the facial expression

4. Connection feeling with your body movement and exaggerating your execution for muscle memory

5. Research different feelings and expressions and relate it to something you have experienced so you can learn our to tap into the connection quicker

6. Enjoy what you do as it will show in your movement

7. Be confident

8. Choose characters, music or choreography that suits you and you understand.

9. If you don’t not know the character given to you… research and see how you can connect with it in your own way


Who are your mentors?

– I love researching cultural dance… and I learn so much from their history and feeling of their dances.

– All choreographers… I love creative people and seeing them hear music and draw pictures with their choreography.

– Any film directors and seeing them capture their vision on film.

What advice would you give young performers, singers and dancers who want to get to a professional level?

Get yourself into all classes… Practice, practice and practice… Be open-minded and appreciate all arts, teachings, music, dance styles, vocals and musicians and if you can appreciate it you could learn so much from everyone and perfect your own art. And last but not least, Live your own dream and create your own path and always enjoy every minute of it and have FUN!!

What’s your next big project?

My next big project is, I’m working on my new fitness program and getting it out to all the gyms around NSW and then Australia and bringing out a fitness DVD for HIIT HOP fitness and my Baby Mama Workout program.


You can connect with Tiana on her Your HIP HOP class facebook page  or visit her site http://www.yourhiphopclass.com/.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I have.  Getting to know Tiana and her big dreams hopefully inspire you to go for yours.

P.S if your dream is to one day create your album read on…

It took me 2 decades to finally get the courage to create my first album. I have created a free cheat sheet on how you can start creating your first album too. Imagine hearing your songs on the radio! It can be done no matter what age. You can download it here- 5 essential steps to start creating your first album. Click here  to download or email me at tina [at] tinabangel [dot] com.

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The One Voice of Daniel Skeed – 5 Mistakes people can make when songwriting

I first met Dan when he worked for a company called Backing Tracks Au. His dad, Alan Skeed, fortunately gave me some of my very first paying singing gigs after winning a few talent quests in the Sydney circuit.

It’s such an honour to connect with Dan after all these years and he sure has come a long way.  Now a full time writer and producer at Oxygen Music he shares his journey in the music industry.

I love the heart and passion he has for his family, music and life.

Most of all I love the way he is grateful for what he has in his life… truly living and owning his greatness!

Enjoy this blog post as Dan shares his life as a working musician and the top 5 Mistakes that Songwriters can make.DAN 1

Tell us about what you do. Your band, your role with Oxygen Music and what inspires you keep growing in terms of music?

I was born & raised in Sydney. Started playing music at age 9. I have studied in depth, guitar, drums & dabbled in horns & keys. My voice I began to explore about 5 years ago & found it to be one of my favourite instruments to use of all.

I have played in stacks of bands over the past 15 years. I began playing in clubs at age 13 with my father’s bands & associates all around Sydney & from there developed my true love for ‘live music’.

I found a homely existence with my best friends somewhat 10 years ago when we formed the band Urban Stone. We are still gigging a couple of times a week & do it for both the love & the coin (music can pay the bills & more if you cherish & harness the craft with all your might & know the right people who believe in you & are willing to support & promote you).

My parents, Alan & Trish Skeed, had always been the driving force behind my career & helped me open every door to date. Such support is priceless. I’m forever thankful.

Up until 2 years ago, music was my passion. I gave every lasting ‘spare’ minute I had to my craft & my friends who shared the same muse. However, I always had a corporate/sales career in the balance & wore a collar by day which was very consuming in itself. Until finally, an opportunity presented itself at Oxygen Music Group. My band Urban Stone recorded an EP at Oxygen & developed friendships in the midst with some of my best friends & colleagues today. Post recording our EP, I was poached from my daily grind by David Simon (Managing Director at Oxygen) & offered the exciting role of Writer/Producer. Since then, we have achieved some amazing things together.

My full time job, finally at age 30, is a musician wearing a coat of many colours. Life is good.

You come from a musical family and your dad has given many budding singers a foot in the door, including myself, which I am forever grateful for.  Tell us, what it was like growing up in your household, when did you start singing and playing the guitar.

My Dad was a gun muzo himself. He came through an era of about 3-4 decades where musicians were hot property, live music was thriving in Sydney & he was at the top of the tree on a local scale. He was doing up to 6-7 gigs a week & much like myself, couldn’t ever really sit still. He had many other jobs throughout his career as a musician. A great example & role model for myself (as was my mother who was a very successful business woman across numerous industries & a loving mother & wife who always took great interest in our passions).

I grew up in a household where food was always on the table, love was evergreen, ethics, morals & discipline was always in the balance, & music was always the great escape & a common passion. My sister Kim kinda taught me to Rock! She is a very talented singer & was in a pretty hot band whilst I came through my adolescence. Sister Green they were called. I was really into grunge & the Seattle vibe at that point in time so to me she was god (& forever will be). Kim & I are very close & you know I still listen to Sister Green records today.

Mum & Dad eventually ended up running a business of their own when they bought a successful entertainment agency off Ian Clifton & Dad hung up the microphone & put his every effort into exploring, nurturing & exposing some of the most talented singers, musicians & entertainers who are household names & Australian Icons today.

Obviously, being constantly surrounded by this environment, the music ‘business’ rubbed off on me as well as the passion & talent for the craft itself that was unmistakably within our 4 walls. I started singing on my father’s & grandfather’s laps at age 3 & sang as a kid in numerous lights, but I wasn’t really that great I don’t think haha.

However, I really only started to discover & develop my own voice singing along side my rockin’ powerhouse sister in crime Tina Garufi (lead singer of Urban Stone). A bar raised that high by my side, was only ever going to improve me. Her infectious ability & euphoric talent made me wanna sing a little & I’m glad I did. Tina is vocal dynamite, & my biggest vocal influence by far. Tina also after establishing a strong presence in the music scene herself already, came through my Dad’s stables which caused our paths to cross, so I’ve him to thank for that also.


When did you know you wanted to create a business from music and how did it come about for you?

When I saw just how possible it was. It’s pretty simple. Work hard at your craft, establish yourself in the right company of people & always surround yourself with people that you admire & deem to be ‘better than you’… You can only grow from there.

The music business is a tough one. The toughest of them all if you ask me.

Turning your craft into a successful career or venture is hard on your own. Never close an open door where it could potentially see you progress. Never say I can’t.

When I was offered the role at Oxygen Music Group, it was a little overwhelming. I’d produced electronic music for about 4 years out of school for a backing tracks company & studied & practiced the organic side of music for somewhat 20 years. I had a lot under my belt & a lot of support & contacts etc. However, walking away from the corporate world & jumping in the deep end & taking control of people’s creations & turning them into gold comes with great expectations & obligation.

Luckily, I had a team of very successful & competent engineers & producers around me. People like Rick Will, who has more feathers in his cap than anyone I have ever met in this game. He has produced some of my favourite artists’ records. Diesel, Chisel, No Doubt, Nine Inch Nails, Incubus, the list goes on. Greg Stace on a technical level is one of our nations greatest. He has won awards from his craft & made a living out of music since he can remember.

These key influences had a lot of faith in me also. So I decided to take the leap & bite off what could have been more than I could ever chew. I haven’t looked back since. I always say that this life we lead has it’s stresses, deadlines, budgets & constraints from time to time. But in contrast, we have the best jobs in the world.

You recently completed a songwriting project.  Can you tell us about who you worked with and what was the outcome.

I just completed a workshop/camp called 50 songs in 5 days.

It was created, managed & poached by the major labels & administered by Studio 301 & Oxygen Music Group.

It’s possibly the greatest creative stint of my life. I was in presence of the country’s greatest writers, producers & artists. My task was to collaborate with the above mentioned & as head producer for my daily assigned team create one song per day. Write it, track it, mix it & submit it to the majors. I got to work with some amazing artists. Some of which I’ve already worked with one way or another (Anya Nissen, Reigan Derry, Morgan Evans, Chance Waters, Elen Levon).

I got to hang with Tina Arena. I got to witness some of the greatest production I have ever heard in it’s early stages by hanging with some of the other producers in the camp. It was a blast.

The outcome is basically that the tracks we created, go into the catalogues of the major artists & labels. Meaning that if the songs are on the mark, within the brief & loved by the powers that be, your songs will be heard. They will be placed, they will be released & on the airways. Most of all, the contacts I made, the memories we made, the songs we birthed were awesome.

What is your process when you co-write with someone? 

I have no real particular equation or rule book. I like to adapt to the writer. Sometimes it starts with a beat. Sometimes it starts with a reference artist & a brief from the artist’s management or label. Sometimes it starts with an acoustic guitar or piano. I do like the old school approach. As they say in the song city that is Nashville, “3 chords & the truth” & you can’t go wrong… Unfortunately there is a little more involved nowadays lol. But fortunately for me perhaps, because if the world of music in all it’s glory has become something, it’s interesting.

What are the 5 mistakes people make with songwriting/co-writing?

Ok so I guess there are a few do’s & don’ts lol…

1.   Copycats (lacking any sort of authentic, original creativity).

2.   Not actually collaborating, contributing or respecting & inviting ideas in a co-write situation. Co-writing definitely requires an open mind, an opinion & no ego. The right combination of these qualities will see a good session through & something special at the back end.

3.   Lyrical content that is too hard to digest or break down for the listener. You want the listener to connect with your song. Not baffle them lol.

4.  Writing melodies & vocal parts that they simply can not sing. Writing vocals for an artist, within their ‘quality’ vocal range, & age/genre appropriate lyrical content is a must I believe.

 & finally,

5.  Over producing something that sounds, feels & sells to the listener in a more organic/raw state. Whilst I respect that we live in an era where technology has taken our craft to new heights, some things are best left untouched in my mind. Even where given a retro review, I love how music reflects memories, decades & times of past present & future.


What would you tell your 18-year-old self?

Believe in yourself. Never stop learning. Always surround yourself with the best. “Dress where you wanna be” (Quote: Mum) lol.

Who are your mentors and why?

My folks. They always know best lol, it’s true. They have a knack for pointing me in the right direction. I admire the people they are & forever grow to be.

My best friends & band. They are the best bunch of cats & seriously amaze me time & time again with the way they play, party & keep my feet solid to the earth beneath me.

David Simon. Dave’s the reason I do what I love full time. He’s also a great guy with passion unparalleled. He’s the one guy in the game that does more hours than me lol.

My early private music teachers (Gino Pengue, Russell Nelson, Peter Drummond, Jess Zappia) etc. They taught me everything needed to know to further explore the wonderful world of music.

There are more. I could go on for hours.

What’s in the pipeline for you?

I’m not sure, & I think that’s a wonderful thing.

I know that I aim to be among the best at what I do. I want to further study music, production & at some point experience first hand, the world around me that I only see on television, post cards & the internet.

I want to share music with my friends & family till the day I die.


There you have it folks!  Inspiring answers from the heart!

If you want to know more about Daniel’s work you can visit him at  www.oxygenmusicgroup.com

Connect with his band Urban Stone on Facebook.

Now do you have any questions that you are burning to ask about Songwriting?

What are your challenges?  Please write them below to we can help you or point you in the right direction.

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