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Ep 040 Tips to nourish your body featuring Nourish with Renata

Welcome to another episode of One Voice can change the world podcast. I’m sorry I have been out of action these past few weeks.  With the recent changes we are seeing the world today due to COVID19 I have had to make a few changes and decisions with my business as well as my family life/

We are not on lockdown fully yet here is Australia.  Schools are still open but I have decided to keep my son home from school.  My husband who is also a school teacher  has taken leave because of his asthma and heart condition and is now conducting lessons online. 

Everything is slowly shutting down.

Honestly, these are scary times but I’m happy I still can teach via zoom and online and provide people with Singing resources via my 6 week Singing Mastery -The One Voice method.

I read something last night which I loved:

“Corona has proved that everything around us is temporary . Things our lives revolved around…work, gym, malls, movies society have all gone for a toss as we are learning to live without them.  It has taught us that in the end, it’s your own home and family that keep you safe.”

That’s why my next guest’s work is so important. 

My guest today is my wonderful friend Renata Trebing.  We met virtually during Lewis Howes School of Greatness community 3 years ago.  We finally met face to face during the Summit of Greatness in Ohio 2 years ago. 

I’m so grateful for her friendship over the years and we are still in contact with each other along with 2 other amazing members of our accountability group.

She is the CEO and founder of NourishwithRenata.com, the healthy food blog. She is passionate about helping people forget the stereotypes that healthy food is boring and bland… and discover how delicious healthy food should be! Renata shares quick and healthy recipes that the whole family will love, through her blog and YouTube channel.

Renata is also the COO and Nutrition Coach for Mod3rn Fitness. She guides clients to nourish their bodies in a holistic way, that is sustainable for their lifestyles and for their lifetime. 

Renata shares her 5 tips to help nourish your body.

This episode was so fun.  We chat about music and singing as well as the importance of getting out of your own way so your voice can be heard.  This can apply to your singing voice and also the work that you do!   

You can follow Renata here:


Resources we mentioned:

Secretly healthy sweet treats: https://nourishwithrenata.lpages.co/secretly-healthy-sweet-treats/

Thriving Singer’s planner: https://tinabangel.lpages.co/2020planner/

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