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Music for young kids


My mum has been trying to sing me old mac donald like we did in class, u sound alot better, but its fun to hear her voice go high and higher.

She has also been doing the cross exercise with my foot and hand, also massaging my feet which i am finding very soothing, i think she really likes it but I think she is always hungry cos she then tries to eat my feet and keeps kissing me, yuuuuuuuuuuuk! hahaha

Anyway thanks for having me and mum, i liked meeting the other kids and im sure mum will keep practising, i hope to make her proud soon when i start crawling.

Okay i have to go now so my mum can change my nappy, its getting soggy down here.

Hope to hear ur sweet voice soon, can u teach mum some more new songs?

bye bye
David 10mths


I have been meaning to email you to thank you for the lovely last day of the semester. You went to a lot of effort with the craft and cakes and we enjoyed them – so thank you!

Claudia is missing Kindermusik and yesterday and today has been saying to Michael & I, “Come everyone, our time, tap knees.” It is very cute. Also, even though our sleep problems continue, Kindermusik helps so much in the night. Last night Claude appeared to be having nightmares and was waking and sobbing and nothing seemed to work until I’d say, “Would you like me to sing Boom Pa Pa/Fiddle dee dee?” and instantly she would stop crying and say yes. I said to Michael this morning that the money we spend on Kindermusik is very well spent!
Thank you for Claudia’s cute vocabulary, courtesy of Kindermusik:
* “Let’s run on the green grass” (from Jumping on the green grass song)
* “Push me oh so high” on the swing (from the latest storybook)
* “Ring a ring a rosie, …. I kiss me, I kiss you, we all fall down” (I don’t think she realises it is ‘Atishoo’!)
It has made the most wonderful difference in all of our lives, not just Claudie’s. She really enjoys the vibe of your class as you are so gentle with the children and it really suits her temperament.

Lynda, mother of 3 year old Claudia


I am glad you liked it. I thought it would be nice for you to see, as it shows how great your classes are. She also sings the chick song, and bow wow wow and just started the mountain one. Although I encourage her, she is the one who initiates the new songs, then I join in. If I get anymore on video I will let you know. She sings nursery rhymes all day long too. Sometimes she sings for hours! I like to try and catch her on the video when she doesn’t know. That’s what I liked about the one you saw, she didn’t know at first until she looked up at me. She made the cuddles and other movements up herself, so her imagination is good. She added in the other day, its our time to “have a drink” and has been adding lots of other things! I will be doing the 4 week course and also next years one. I will pay the deposit and pay early to get the discount. As I said in my other email, I hope to continue with the classes for years!

Allison, mother of 2 year old Katie.