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What to do after all the Singing lessons – The One Voice of Rico Soto


If you wonder what is the next step after all the years of singing lesson then this is the episode that may give you the insight.

RICO SOTO has been involved in the Entertainment, Music & Marketing Industry since a very young age. As an artist at first, he questioned what type of guidance and assistance new aspiring artist would need to develop their career. After some success with his previous projects, he discovered his passion for artist development and management. Ever since, and throughout the years, Rico has and continues to work alongside artist to nurture and develop their talent and guide them though the complex paths of the music industry with a fresh, honest and self-sufficient approach.

The questions we dive into:

  1. Tell us about what you do?
  1. How did you get into this field in music?
  1. What are 3 important tips that you always remind the singers you mentor?
  1. Who do you look to for inspiration?
  1. Tell us about what you learnt at the event of Apra? Who was there? what are the nuggets you took away from what the speakers had to share?
  1. How can people connect with you?
  1. What is one song that changed your life?
  1. What is in the pipelines for you and your artists?


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