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How I personally got to thank and meet Oprah

As Oprah was picking the last few people in the crowd, I found myself on the edge of my seat saying “Next time, wear bright colours that makes you stand out! Should have worn that purple Camilla look-a-like dress!”

I felt something come over me and I found myself standing up with my arm, hand and fingertips stretched up so high, high enough to make sure Oprah had seen little ol’ 5’2 me.

“Yes! You! The one standing up already in the black!” Oprah said as she tried to finish up question time.

Here we go!

Let’s do this like we rehearsed (20 plus times) in the Car Tina! Don’t stumble on your words … You don’t want to stuff this question up!!  It’s Oprah for goodness sake!

I couldn’t believe it!  She saw me, she heard me and I finally got to thank Oprah!

Oprah and Tina


Like many people who attended an evening with Oprah she pretty much raised me via her afternoon TV talk show during my primary, teenage and university years. It was my time to stop, listen and learn from Oprah and her inspirational guests.

I arrived an hour early at the event so I didn’t have to rush and I could go over my well planned question.

I have my husband, a few friends and mentors to thank for that.

I kept wondering, who could I ask in my networks to make sure I was on the right track. I asked my mastermind group whom I always turn to, for business advice. Keri Durgan, Philippe Coudoux and Kassandra Vaughn. We all met though Lewis Howes School of Greatness Academy.

Then I took to people whom I admire, I asked Pat Flynn during his periscope, “what would you ask Oprah of you met her?” He said he would ask her “Out of all your favourite things what would be your most favourite item?”

One mentor (Who I am going to see in New York in Feburary) is Selena Soo. I’ll be attending her Get Known Get Clients Live event.  I have been working hard with Selena over the past 6 months. Selena is the go to person if are an expert, author or coach who wants to learn how to develop visibility online. Selena graciously gave me some constructive feedback.

Although I am a singer and performer, I sometimes struggle to speak and communicate my feelings and thoughts in high pressure situations.

That’s why earlier last year I worked with the very giving and generous Rachel Hanfling. Rachel is an Emmy nominated Executive Presentation and Media Trainer whom I have been lucky enough to keep in touch with even after her wonderful course. Rachel has worked and produced for almost a decade at the Oprah Winfrey Show. I can’t thank Rachel enough for being so honest and in helping me word my question on paper.

I’m sorry I couldn’t share any audio with you.  I did reach out to Oprah’s team that’s why it took awhile to make this blog post go live. Here is what it looked like on paper – what came out of my mouth was a little different but I got there in the end.

My name is Tina Bangel and I am a singing teacher.  (Oprah: Oh??)

My singing students and I thank you for helping us meet and sing with Charice. 

Our YouTube video to you in 2010, “Oprah Please hook us up with Charice“, went viral among her fans and the producers of her Sydney concert saw it.  (Oprah: oh Great!)

We were delighted to meet and sing with her during her Sydney concert last year. (Oprah: Great!!!)

My mission is to help kids be heard and give them confidence through singing. 

My question is: “What would you say to a child who is struggling to come out of their shell or feels afraid to step out of their comfort zone?”

Oprah’s answer:

“The whole idea of working with children or anybody, is to let them know that you alone are enough. So all of your work is validating their sense of worthiness and their sense of being and you know the way to do that is to meet people not where you what them to be, but to meet them (even little people) exactly where they are.

So I think being able to take yourself to wherever the space is that they are holding and meet them in that space and find some common ground, adds a sense of validation wherever they are, cause what ever that story is, you want to be able to validate their story and then you work to try an elevate them to all that you know all the access that you have to offer to them. “ 


She then goes on to talk about her foundation and the biggest mistakes people make. I’m so thrilled that I am on the right path. I have my Kindermusik background to thank for that and my years of making mistakes and learning along the way.

“Failure is your greatest teacher.  It either means keep trying or move on in another direction.” Oprah Winfey


How could Oprah’s answer apply to your life?  Do you have a child that doesn’t want to practice singing or do you find yourself wanting your child to sing a certain genre or song that they don’t really love?

It’s a journey… as Oprah mentioned during her incredible talk, listen to the whispers.

I’m going to say that for me this evening was life-changing. It took 4 years for my students and I to sing with Charice after our YouTube video went viral. It took 5 years to thank Oprah for it.

It was so worth the wait even if it all happened backwards.

The power of manifesting.

If we didn’t put ourselves out there, Cheers entertainment would have not given us the opportunity to sing with Charice. If we didn’t sing with Charice I would have not been able to thank Oprah personally!

This post is for Rob, Christian and my parents especially to all the One Voice kids and their families, friends and family who have been supporting me over the years! For all who dared to dream with me.
It’s for anyone who wants to quit because people have told you you can’t do it! You’re too old, you’re too young blah blah blah……
It’s for you if you have a dream that is so big it scares you to your core, but motivates you to your being.
Keep going on your journey and make it happen because in the end the puzzle pieces will fit and you will see you have created a masterpiece!
Your Masterpiece called LIFE!

So tell me what are you manifesting? Or what have you manifested that has come true?

Share it in the comments below, put it out there in the universe so it can happen for you too!

Musically your Tina xx



I’m glad to share that moment with my sister in law Sharon. Here are a few shots of some of the people who shared the wonderful VIP experience with us.

I found some fellow B-schoolers at the VIP event including Denise Duffield Thomas. I was so glad to see Denise there. I am part of her Lucky B community and have attended one of the amazing masterminds. She has helped me break though many money blocks especially when it comes to being a singer and making a living through music.

12-12-2015 Sydney -"An Evening With Oprah"

During the VIP cocktail party we met Carmilla (The designer who dressed Oprah in her beautiful Kaftans) who was lovely and down to earth. Whist getting a photo with her I found myself thinking  “I’m so glad, I wore this black dress and I didn’t wear my purple bright Carmilla look -a -like dress!”


Want to know what’s in the goody bag ? Watch me unbox my items here via periscope. The periscope replay is quite long so if you don’t have time to watch it here was what was in the bag:

What I know for sure Book personally signed by Oprah

VIP Oprah Pen and Journal,

Swisse Makeup remover, Toner, Facial Oil

VIP Oprah Portable Charger

Oprah Programme

Secrets earrings

I spent an evening with Oprah Mug



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