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Ep 045 Building a world where youth are safe, strong and valued with Kalvin Vaega

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The Kingstones facilitators, Kelvin Vaega along with his wife Joan are highly motivated individuals utilising their passions in life to support and run the Kingstones programs. With their own life experience in hand, they are able to deliver a high quality service through the 3 Pillars of success.

The young adults “The KingStones” all share a range of intellectual Disabilities, but with passion and direction through the KingStones Music Program , they have been able to excel and find their voice in the community.

It was an honour to catch up with Kalvin again after all these years. We were in a cover band called Mid Nyt Sun owned by Guitarist Gordon Hunte. We chat about how he developed Kingstones music and the music program, our time with the band and the many things he learnt as a working vocalist which now he passes on to these young adults along with life skills.

Download your copy at www.kingstonesmusic.com.au Kingstones music is a self funded music program, and your support will go a long way. Check out their filmclip : https://fb.watch/37gVigT2PB/

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Website is www.kingstonesmusic.com.au

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