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All that cover by One Voice kids

When Marketing agency founder of MYX Global, Roslynn Alba Cobarrubias asked One Voice kids to do a snippet of Ylona Garcia’s new single All That we jumped at the opportunity.  I had the pleasure of teaching Ylona for a short period of time when she was quite young and was just making a name for herself in the Filipino community here in Sydney.  

It seemed like in a blink of an eye Ylona was gracing international stages, billboards, TV and was now a household name in the Philippines.  

We are always so proud to see Filipino/Australian kids creating success for themselves locally and overseas.

What I loved about this project was that everyone shared their creative input and shared what they love about their cultural background. I also got a chance to talk about how important it is to support fellow Australian/Filipino performers who have worked hard to get to where they are now.

During our rehearsal we sat around the studio and I told the story of how it was like growing up not seeing many Filipinos on Australian TV and movie screens.  

We did see the Filipinos who were quite controversial and weren’t portrayed in a good light. For years kids like myself would see the stereotypical crazy eccentric Filipina that left me embarrassed and frustrated. 

Why weren’t we seeing the powerful, creative women I knew in my real life? And if we were seeing them why were’t they showcasing their Filipino heritage?

Times are changing slowly but surely. 

With the rise of social media and our own ability to take control of our narrative,  let’s embrace that and keep creating.  

Together, let’s nurture our kids to show them that this is who we are, where we’ve come from and let’s move forward to create art and music to celebrate who we are and embrace who we are powerfully showcasing.

So here is our little tribute to Ylona Garcia’s new single All that! Thanks to our youngest members who had the idea of the zoom room passing the toilet paper around (like a hot potato) …what a fun idea! We hope you enjoy our clean 🧼 🧻 version of the song.  

The kids came up with how they wanted to show up on the zoom call. 2020 was something we will never soon forget. We want to take this opportunity to thank our front liners and thank God that we were safe and well. We also wanted to be grateful for what we were able to create during 2020.

We surely did make the most of lockdown and we wanted to showcase that in our little video.

🌱 I was the crazy plant lady who because of covid ended up with quite a collection of plants (let me know if you want to plant swap one day 🤗).

💻 🏝 Mikhaela was the student who just couldn’t decide on which zoom background she wanted. For this clip we thought we would use some Filipino backgrounds which also included delicious illustrations from my Children’s book My Lola.

🧶 🧣 Brooke spent 2020 learning how to knit and made various scarves.

🧁 Lucia spent time with her parents developing delicious Filipino treats and now has a new baking business called Love, Luci!

😤 Jared wanted to showcase how much harder everyone had to work via zoom during school hours.

🤡 Raphael would show up to zoom singing class with his rainbow wig, which was actually borrowed from his dad who would also sometimes show up on his work zoom calls with the same fun wig!

🎧 Yasith spent time creating and producing music and started developing himself as an artist.

😴 Paulette enjoyed the time to rest and spend quality time with family.

🧻 Matthew who was the brain behind the toilet paper fiasco in this clip, spent 2020 songwriting and was even featured on National TV because of his front liner tribute song “Superheroes in disguise.”

💃 With her love for Ballet, Bridget during lockdown continued her dance lessons over zoom.

🏀 Just like we missed singing live as a group. Kaitryel definitely missed her time playing her team sport Basketball.

Please support our One Voice kids by sharing, liking our video. Comment below and tell us what positive thing came out for 2020 for you?

Here’s to a better 2021!

Inspire on,

Ms Tina

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