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5 tips to grow your YouTube fan base and Channel with YouTube sensation Gabe Bondoc

I found Gabe Bondoc to be so humble and so giving of his time. I was only supposed to have a 10min interview but it ended up being much longer which I am so grateful for. He genuinely wanted to help our budding performers out.

Gabe certainly has created a lifestyle and business he truly loves and he is truly proud that he can support his family through music and being creative.

Often we see musicians with a Struggle mindset but what I have come to realise by chatting with Gabe is that when you are a singer/musician who knows he is blessed and who is grateful you won’t be in a reactfull or scarcity mode.

As full time musicians the internet can give us opportunities to reach more people not only in your own backyard but around the world. That is what Gabe has created for himself. He has generated income by working hard, putting in the hours and thinking ahead.

As full time musicians we are known to create something out of nothing.

We can create sources of income with endless possibilities if we just work hard and as Gabe said strive for excellence.

This is what we dive into

  1. For someone who has over 3 million views on YouTube, tell us how it all came about?
  2. What 5 tips can you share with our listeners on how to start and grow their YouTube subscribers? Get your Free PDF here: http://tinabangel.com/gabebondoc
  3. What do you think of Facebook Live and do you see that as the future or the next big thing? What do you think people should be taking advantage of now?
  4. I have questions from my students
    Erica- She asks What made you sing in the first place?
    Abigail – if you could go back 5 years, what advice would you give yourself?
    Jodie- “Why don’t you ever reveal your wife’s identity/face?”
  5. I have watched your videos and often you have your beautiful little girl, Miss Savannah Kinsley, in the footage, how do you juggle music business and a young family life?
  6. What is one song that changed your life and why?
  7. What is your vision?

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