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Lionel Cole on The Voice Australia

Be sure to watch Lionel Cole on The Voice tonight at 6.30pm channel 9 tonight Sunday 4th of May. I had the pleasure to co-write a song called Be heard with Lionel Cole and Louie Ocampo.  What amazing experience! We are now in the process of recording songs that I co-wrote with my talented friend  Van Sereno.

I can’t thank Lionel enough for all the encouragement and guidance during the recording. This experience has been a major game changer for me.

This is what life is all about.  Making dreams happen. Creating the life you deserve because you only live once!

More photos and Lionel’s interview to come a little later…so keep your eye out for it!  Sign up for my mailing list here: www.tinabangel.com

If you want the confidence to make your/or your child’s singing dreams come true would love to hear from you.

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One Voice student Clarissa Bock, Lionel Cole, Tina Bangel

One Voice student Clarissa Bock one of the backing vocalists for Be Heard, Lionel Cole, Tina Bangel

Recording Be Heard

Recording Be Heard


Sushi break

Sushi break


Recording & Van Sereno

Recording with Van Sereno


Lionel Cole, Alex, Tina & Van

Lionel , Alex, Tina & Van








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