Are you ready to start creating your first album?

Are you ready to take your music business and singing to the next level?
Then read on...

Does this sound familiar:
You're a singer who has had singing lessons and numerous gigs but you're waiting to be "Discovered".
You have a dream of creating your own album and hearing your songs on the radio.
You feel you have the talent and what it takes to be a star but you just don't know where and how to start creating your album.
You've got a pile of songs you have written but haven't finished them or don't know if they are good enough.

You can produce your own album and make a good living doing something you love, on your own terms and by yourself!




A 6 month online group mentoring program to help you create and launch your first album.
Here is what you will learn:
The exact steps you will need to take your singing/performing from where it now to a whole new level, where you will have enjoyment in creating songs, freedom of expression and accelerate your credibility as a singer.
How to develop a champion mindset and vision to start creating and finishing your first album.
How to create your brand, that is uniquely YOU, that fans and music industry people will rave about.
How to market yourself and your album, through social media and music distribution sites, so you can start earning money in your sleep.
How to put your best foot forward, be a true musician and learn how to deal, connect, and work with the best in music industry.
How to launch your album and generate sponsorship to help fund your work.

This is for you if

  You are a determined, advanced singer who is ready to fast track your music career.
 You want to earn a good living doing something you love and believe in.
You are a singer who wants to connect with top music industry professionals and a
like-minded community of other talented singers.
You’ll learn exactly what I did to create my dream album and transform my life and business.
Together we will create the album that will give you the credibility you deserve and have always dreamed of.  


Join the growing movement of independent artist creating their first album and doing it the NEW way.
Just imagine...
Holding your very first album in your hands (with your name on it)
People asking you to sign their very own copy.
Hearing your songs being played on the radio.
People actually singing the words to your songs.
Touching people with the messages in your songs.
I released my very first album at the age of 40, it transformed my life and helped me believe in myself. 
Age is only a number and it shouldn’t stop you from going for your dreams.
Your voice, your message is important.
Be heard!
Limited places available

“I'm ready to take my career as an artist to the next level with the help of Tina and the Vanity Project.  Before joining the Vanity project I had set myself a goal to release an album in 2015 but I was unsure of where to find my resources and where to start.  Now I feel I have the platform, tools and connections to independantly start developing myself as an artist in the music industry.”

Clarissa Mei, Graduate of Newtown Performing Arts High School