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How to find the courage to follow your dreams – The One Voice of Tay and Val

One Voice can change the world podcast


The next few episodes of One Voice can change the world podcast I will be interviewing amazing guests I met in New York. I was in New York for a conference organised by Selena Soo. During that event I met some visionary entrepreneurs who are set to change the world with their work.

You are going to be inspired by these world-class leaders.

If you would like to learn more about Selena Soo she actually had a free report that you can download from my show notes. You can learn how she can help you spread your message to the world in an authentic and purposeful way.

I met our next guests at the event. We also did Selena’s course together. When you hear their story it will inspire you to dream big! The world is truly a better place with these wonderful women in it.

Collecting dreams in Costa Rica

TAY & VAL Award-winning filmmakers and inspirational storytellers from Singapore, Tay and Val are living examples of dreamers who have cycled and traveled across the globe on “Project I Believe That Dreams Can Come True. “

After a chance encounter with a retired 64-year-old train master in Taiwan the girls found out that “Luo Papa” had a dream to cycle around Taiwan, stop at every train station and take a photo. They offered to accompany him to help him realise his dream.

After realising Luo Papa’s dream they kept going and haven’t stopped. They meet people who have realised their dream, also people who are realising their dreams and on the way they share their experiences and pay it forward and a “dream chain”

Luo Papa - The Taiwanese gentleman who changed our lives

During this podcast we chat about how they both met, what you do and how your work came about.

They share their journey as artist, Tay being a Filmmaker and Val being a singer, actress and artist.

I absolutely loved their TEDx talk – Dreams Unlimited. You can watch their ted talks here

TEDxWWU in Bellingham 2013

Tay and Val tell us how they landed the Ted talks, the process and challenges and what was the outcomes.

I dive into their Journey to collect people’s dreams, how they generated Sponsorship and how they planned their trip around the world.

At the end of the day, if you want to follow your dreams make sure it comes from a place of love, of service and it will become more of a reality.

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Selena Soo’s Free Report – How Selena Went From $0 to $157,000 in Her First Year As a Coach

Click here to download



5 tips to grow your YouTube fan base and Channel with YouTube sensation Gabe Bondoc

I found Gabe Bondoc to be so humble and so giving of his time. I was only supposed to have a 10min interview but it ended up being much longer which I am so grateful for. He genuinely wanted to help our budding performers out.

Gabe certainly has created a lifestyle and business he truly loves and he is truly proud that he can support his family through music and being creative.

Often we see musicians with a Struggle mindset but what I have come to realise by chatting with Gabe is that when you are a singer/musician who knows he is blessed and who is grateful you won’t be in a reactfull or scarcity mode.

As full time musicians the internet can give us opportunities to reach more people not only in your own backyard but around the world. That is what Gabe has created for himself. He has generated income by working hard, putting in the hours and thinking ahead.

As full time musicians we are known to create something out of nothing.

We can create sources of income with endless possibilities if we just work hard and as Gabe said strive for excellence.

This is what we dive into

  1. For someone who has over 3 million views on YouTube, tell us how it all came about?
  2. What 5 tips can you share with our listeners on how to start and grow their YouTube subscribers? Get your Free PDF here: http://tinabangel.com/gabebondoc
  3. What do you think of Facebook Live and do you see that as the future or the next big thing? What do you think people should be taking advantage of now?
  4. I have questions from my students
    Erica- She asks What made you sing in the first place?
    Abigail – if you could go back 5 years, what advice would you give yourself?
    Jodie- “Why don’t you ever reveal your wife’s identity/face?”
  5. I have watched your videos and often you have your beautiful little girl, Miss Savannah Kinsley, in the footage, how do you juggle music business and a young family life?
  6. What is one song that changed your life and why?
  7. What is your vision?

Follow Gabe Bondoc




What we mentioned on the podcast:


CONTACT ME FOR A FREE CONSULATION tina [at] tinabangel [dot] com

What to do after all the Singing lessons – The One Voice of Rico Soto


If you wonder what is the next step after all the years of singing lesson then this is the episode that may give you the insight.

RICO SOTO has been involved in the Entertainment, Music & Marketing Industry since a very young age. As an artist at first, he questioned what type of guidance and assistance new aspiring artist would need to develop their career. After some success with his previous projects, he discovered his passion for artist development and management. Ever since, and throughout the years, Rico has and continues to work alongside artist to nurture and develop their talent and guide them though the complex paths of the music industry with a fresh, honest and self-sufficient approach.

The questions we dive into:

  1. Tell us about what you do?
  1. How did you get into this field in music?
  1. What are 3 important tips that you always remind the singers you mentor?
  1. Who do you look to for inspiration?
  1. Tell us about what you learnt at the event of Apra? Who was there? what are the nuggets you took away from what the speakers had to share?
  1. How can people connect with you?
  1. What is one song that changed your life?
  1. What is in the pipelines for you and your artists?


FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/fireentgroup/

WEBSITE: http://www.firemusic.com.au/


Email : tina [at] tinabangel [dot] com

WEBSITE: http://www.tinabangel.com

How to get international gigs – The One Voice of Prita Grealy


If your dream is to secure international gigs then this is an episode you need to listen to. 


Prita’s unique sound is ‘Hip-So-Fo’. It combines her love of Hip-Hop, Soul and Folk with the use of a live loop pedal and effortlessly layers funky urban harmonies, acoustic finger picking guitar and beat boxing.


Prita’s mission is to inspire people to follow their dreams.  Prita bravely overcame her insecurities and took the pludge to make singing her full time career.  Now she travels the world sharing her music not only in Australia but all around Europe.


We met each other through Denise Duffield’s Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp


Here are the questions I ask:


Tell us about what brought you to where you are now?


Not only are you musically talented what other services do you offer and how did that come about?


We met through Denise’s Lucky Bitch community what drew you to her program and what are some of the best things you learnt from the bootcamp?


Tell us which countries music has taken you? For singers who want to travel the world and get gigs just like what you do what are the top 5 essential things to do and how can they go about doing that?


Tell us about your indidgogo campaign?


What have you learnt whist doing this campaign? What would you do differently? What worked for you?


What is one song that changed your life and why?


What are in the pipelines?


How can people find you?

Website : http://prita.com.au/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/prita_grealy/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/prita.grealy/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTBCddm6G3jKTRVR2iK_3rw

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/after-the-storm-ep-ep/id480239676


Awesome Merchandise

Denise Duffield Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp

Indigogo Crowdfunding 

Outro song: Stronger by Prita Grealy

If you enjoyed this episode tell us in the comments below where do you dream of singing internationally?

How I personally got to thank and meet Oprah

As Oprah was picking the last few people in the crowd, I found myself on the edge of my seat saying “Next time, wear bright colours that makes you stand out! Should have worn that purple Camilla look-a-like dress!”

I felt something come over me and I found myself standing up with my arm, hand and fingertips stretched up so high, high enough to make sure Oprah had seen little ol’ 5’2 me.

“Yes! You! The one standing up already in the black!” Oprah said as she tried to finish up question time.

Here we go!

Let’s do this like we rehearsed (20 plus times) in the Car Tina! Don’t stumble on your words … You don’t want to stuff this question up!!  It’s Oprah for goodness sake!

I couldn’t believe it!  She saw me, she heard me and I finally got to thank Oprah!

Oprah and Tina


Like many people who attended an evening with Oprah she pretty much raised me via her afternoon TV talk show during my primary, teenage and university years. It was my time to stop, listen and learn from Oprah and her inspirational guests.

I arrived an hour early at the event so I didn’t have to rush and I could go over my well planned question.

I have my husband, a few friends and mentors to thank for that.

I kept wondering, who could I ask in my networks to make sure I was on the right track. I asked my mastermind group whom I always turn to, for business advice. Keri Durgan, Philippe Coudoux and Kassandra Vaughn. We all met though Lewis Howes School of Greatness Academy.

Then I took to people whom I admire, I asked Pat Flynn during his periscope, “what would you ask Oprah of you met her?” He said he would ask her “Out of all your favourite things what would be your most favourite item?”

One mentor (Who I am going to see in New York in Feburary) is Selena Soo. I’ll be attending her Get Known Get Clients Live event.  I have been working hard with Selena over the past 6 months. Selena is the go to person if are an expert, author or coach who wants to learn how to develop visibility online. Selena graciously gave me some constructive feedback.

Although I am a singer and performer, I sometimes struggle to speak and communicate my feelings and thoughts in high pressure situations.

That’s why earlier last year I worked with the very giving and generous Rachel Hanfling. Rachel is an Emmy nominated Executive Presentation and Media Trainer whom I have been lucky enough to keep in touch with even after her wonderful course. Rachel has worked and produced for almost a decade at the Oprah Winfrey Show. I can’t thank Rachel enough for being so honest and in helping me word my question on paper.

I’m sorry I couldn’t share any audio with you.  I did reach out to Oprah’s team that’s why it took awhile to make this blog post go live. Here is what it looked like on paper – what came out of my mouth was a little different but I got there in the end.

My name is Tina Bangel and I am a singing teacher.  (Oprah: Oh??)

My singing students and I thank you for helping us meet and sing with Charice. 

Our YouTube video to you in 2010, “Oprah Please hook us up with Charice“, went viral among her fans and the producers of her Sydney concert saw it.  (Oprah: oh Great!)

We were delighted to meet and sing with her during her Sydney concert last year. (Oprah: Great!!!)

My mission is to help kids be heard and give them confidence through singing. 

My question is: “What would you say to a child who is struggling to come out of their shell or feels afraid to step out of their comfort zone?”

Oprah’s answer:

“The whole idea of working with children or anybody, is to let them know that you alone are enough. So all of your work is validating their sense of worthiness and their sense of being and you know the way to do that is to meet people not where you what them to be, but to meet them (even little people) exactly where they are.

So I think being able to take yourself to wherever the space is that they are holding and meet them in that space and find some common ground, adds a sense of validation wherever they are, cause what ever that story is, you want to be able to validate their story and then you work to try an elevate them to all that you know all the access that you have to offer to them. “ 


She then goes on to talk about her foundation and the biggest mistakes people make. I’m so thrilled that I am on the right path. I have my Kindermusik background to thank for that and my years of making mistakes and learning along the way.

“Failure is your greatest teacher.  It either means keep trying or move on in another direction.” Oprah Winfey


How could Oprah’s answer apply to your life?  Do you have a child that doesn’t want to practice singing or do you find yourself wanting your child to sing a certain genre or song that they don’t really love?

It’s a journey… as Oprah mentioned during her incredible talk, listen to the whispers.

I’m going to say that for me this evening was life-changing. It took 4 years for my students and I to sing with Charice after our YouTube video went viral. It took 5 years to thank Oprah for it.

It was so worth the wait even if it all happened backwards.

The power of manifesting.

If we didn’t put ourselves out there, Cheers entertainment would have not given us the opportunity to sing with Charice. If we didn’t sing with Charice I would have not been able to thank Oprah personally!

This post is for Rob, Christian and my parents especially to all the One Voice kids and their families, friends and family who have been supporting me over the years! For all who dared to dream with me.
It’s for anyone who wants to quit because people have told you you can’t do it! You’re too old, you’re too young blah blah blah……
It’s for you if you have a dream that is so big it scares you to your core, but motivates you to your being.
Keep going on your journey and make it happen because in the end the puzzle pieces will fit and you will see you have created a masterpiece!
Your Masterpiece called LIFE!

So tell me what are you manifesting? Or what have you manifested that has come true?

Share it in the comments below, put it out there in the universe so it can happen for you too!

Musically your Tina xx



I’m glad to share that moment with my sister in law Sharon. Here are a few shots of some of the people who shared the wonderful VIP experience with us.

I found some fellow B-schoolers at the VIP event including Denise Duffield Thomas. I was so glad to see Denise there. I am part of her Lucky B community and have attended one of the amazing masterminds. She has helped me break though many money blocks especially when it comes to being a singer and making a living through music.

12-12-2015 Sydney -"An Evening With Oprah"

During the VIP cocktail party we met Carmilla (The designer who dressed Oprah in her beautiful Kaftans) who was lovely and down to earth. Whist getting a photo with her I found myself thinking  “I’m so glad, I wore this black dress and I didn’t wear my purple bright Carmilla look -a -like dress!”


Want to know what’s in the goody bag ? Watch me unbox my items here via periscope. The periscope replay is quite long so if you don’t have time to watch it here was what was in the bag:

What I know for sure Book personally signed by Oprah

VIP Oprah Pen and Journal,

Swisse Makeup remover, Toner, Facial Oil

VIP Oprah Portable Charger

Oprah Programme

Secrets earrings

I spent an evening with Oprah Mug



The One Voice of Elaine Huang – Leaving a 6 figure income to pursue a musical passion project


Listen on iTunes here : Episode 010 The One Voice of Elaine Huang- Leaving a 6 figure income to pursue a musical passion project.

I first met Elaine as one of members who signed up for Lewis Howes’ School of Greatness Academy. I have watched her grow her start up business and her company Neon Owl is something to watch out for if you are into Electronic dance music.

Elaine has been working slowly but surely over the months and I was blown away with the community she has created in such a short period of time.

I wanted to interview Elaine because of her passion to use music as a form to give back to the community. She has purpose and drive that is contagious. She bravely left her 6 figure income to pursue this dream. We dive into how that transition is for her.

I ask her questions that could also help musicians and singers build upon their business, such as using services like Thunder clap, Indigogo to help build awareness for your music. We chat about how she reaches out to influencers and builds her networks so her message can be heard.


Here are my questions:

  • Tell us about your company Neon Owl.
  • You mentioned that you love music even through you don’t play an instrument, how did you develop the concept of Neon Owl and how did it come about?
  • Many people are afraid of charting into new territory how did you make the transition of leaving your 6 figure corporate job into diving into creating your dream job
  • Tell us about Thunder clap and how you use it to promote your cause?
  • How can a musician, performer or singer use Thunderclap for their advantage?
  • You have been really proactive in reaching out to influencers or people who are doing so well in the dance genre- what are some of the steps you have taken to build relationships with them in such a short period of time. I think it would be beneficial for my audience to grasp the concept of networking and building rapport with people in their networks.
  • What is in the pipelines for you?

Neon Owl Event  18th Dec Charity Event

Neon Owl Presents: A Neon Christmas – Save The Music Charity Show @ HUE SF – Ken Loi, ADAPT, Philip Adrian & AJ ORB/T

Connect with Elaine at:



We mentioned:


Lewis Howes School of Greatness

21 day Singing Challenge

Outro Music Be Heard by Tina Bangel

In the comments below, tell us what you bravely did to pursue your dream? I would love to hear your inspiring story too!


How to attract more students, boost your student retention and make running your studio easier!

Chantelle Duffield is the founder of Studio Expansion and works with performing arts studio owners to help them attract more students, boost their student retention and make running their studio easier.

Through her online courses and her popular video blog, Studio Expansion TV, she has helped thousands of studio owners around the world share their passion for performing and the life changing benefits of the performing arts with more students!

Here are the questions I asked:

  1. Tell us about what you do?
  2. Tell us about your musical upbringing, have you always wanted to sing and how it comes about?
  3. I love seeing your photos of you conducting at the opera house, tell us about that and how you got involved?
  4. How did you make the transition from owning a successful studio to what you do now?
  5. What are the things you did as a studio owner that you felt were “failures” but helped you grow to where you are now?
  6. What are your marketing tips for people starting out their own studio?
  7. What are some tips people can do now to increase your students?
  8. What is one song that has changed your life?
  9. How can people connect with you?


Chantelle suggests:

  1. Creating an event where people can connect with you and your community
  2. Create a Leadpage where you can create a landing page that collects emails and leads:


(This is an affiliate link so if you decide to get Leadpages I will receive a commission from the sales)

  1. Create a nurture sequence of emails that offer educational tips and position you as an authority using Mailchimp.

Once you have attracted a student to your door or phone we chat about how to make an enquiry “all about the student”.

How you can start making the right connection with the potential student by asking the right questions and finding out who they are and what they would like to achieve.

Ask them 4 questions like:

  1. How old are you?
  2. Who do you like listening to?
  3. What do you want to achieve with singing?
  4. What are your singing challenges?

One tip to attract more students is to start marketing and promoting your classes or boot camp 6-8 weeks before they start.

Ways to promote your event creating consistent nudges and taps via Facebook Ads and School Newsletters.


Solidify the connection before asking them to re- enroll.

Sending postcards focusing on what they are Thriving on, what they need to work on and giving encouragement.


We dive into:

How to create a successful choir

How to grow your studio and what happens when you fear success.

How to map out your year

Plan 6 months in advance

Chantelle’s tips are:

“Do the marketing and don’t get stuck doing the day to day – don’t check your inbox straight away”

Create systems so that your studio runs smoother

– Establish Auto responders

Keeping track of the 4 quadrants at the beginning of each week: Retention, Attraction, Team and Systems


Please visit http://studioexpansion.com/

For the Free mini course: 30 Enrolments in 30 Days

What was mentioned on this podcast:

Star Maker Accelerator Live event

Lisa Messenger

Rick Barker

Bobbie Brown Makeup

Alphie Sadsad

Fideliz Cruz

Lauren Sol & Co

Lionel Cole

Outro Music: Our Cafe by Tina Bangel & Van Sereno

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Ways to earn income as a dancer/performer with Joel Gallarde & Emeroy Bernardo




Joel Gallarde & Emeroy Bernardo have the passion and drive for dance that they naturally think outside the box. I enjoyed listening to their journey as they find ways to monetise their love for dance and create pathways to inspire others along the way.

Like most Filipino children they were encouraged to dance for family gatherings and was drawn to the applause, community and lifestyle dance offered.

We dive into how they started making a living from dance. Emeroy, successfully sells online dance lessons through Udemy and has exciting plans to creating an app for dancers, which could potentially bleed into other avenues.

Joel has a thriving company that has expanded Internationally. All developed through stepping out of his comfort zone connecting with Influencers and the movers and shakers of the dance world.

If you want to learn more on how they are creating big waves in the dance world today I invite you to listen to the whole podcast as you go about your day (driving to work with Ads and mindless chatter can be a bore)

Performers and singers can take away some nuggets too!

I certainly did! If you enjoyed this or know of someone who can benefit from what we spoke about please share, like or comment on the post.

They answer questions like:

  • When did you know you wanted to dance for a living?
  • Individually you have turned your love for dance into a thriving business. What did first steps did you do to generate income for yourself?
  • How do you keep yourself motivated?
  • What are your tips for anyone who what’s to make a full time living as a dancer?
  • What do you see in the future for dance?
  • Making money from dance? What is your advice when asking for a talent fee?
  • What is One Song that changed your life?

Joel Fuentes Gallarde chats about his company and projects.

The Company of University Dancers (CUDZ) was founded by Joel Fuentes Gallarde in 2001 at The University of Auckland, New Zealand. The group has extended its services beyond the student community & now is one of the most well established Hip Hop / Urban dance companies in Australasia.

VISION STATEMENT  “Empowerment of all people through our passion & commitment in the Performing Arts”

Through the years, TRiPLe8FuNk has been featured in a number of major events including Carnival Choreographer’s Ball (Sydney), Coca-Cola Christmas in The Park (Auckland), Poreotic’s Tic Tic Tour II (Melbourne), Tokyo Tower Showcase (Japan), Boogiezone International Showcase (Los Angeles), and many more. They have toured a number of cities worldwide and have organized a few dance events such as concerts, workshops and after-parties for international touring artists.

The company aims for excellence & believes in teamwork, discipline, artistic innovation, & community involvement. They create a funky flavour to the latest dance styles. So from the cool ‘old skool’ to the hot ‘new skool’, groovin’ to the freshest beats is what they do best!

You can find Joel at :



IG: @joel.gallarde

Emeroy Bernardo is a leader in personal transformation and a leader in the areas of health and fitness, personal productivity, and personal development. He’s praised for zen leadership style combined with his passionate vision to guide others become their best selves whether it’s through fitness or dance classes. Emeroy’s greatest victory wasn’t just gaining control of his health, but overcoming his own ego and anger after being sent to jail and nearly losing his family.

Aside from coaching and teaching, Emeroy love’s spending time with his family and friends as well as perform and compete with his dance company.

I was so glad that I had met Emeroy through SOGA and I was thrilled when there were more members in the arts. He talks about his growth and experiences in your life and business since joining.

He also shares how he has generated income through online courses utilizing Udemy and his App creation.


IG, twitter: @emeroyb

Fb: emeroy.com/emeroyb


Sequence: http://bit.ly/pre-sequence

My dance crew’s ig: @familybizness

Links to all Emeroy’s courses on udemy: https://www.udemy.com/u/emeroybernardo/

This Episode is brought to you by my EP “Be Heard”

Be Heard on iTunes

Be heard on Smule

Outro song: Dorothy Ruby Shoes on iTunes

People we mentioned:

Lewis Howes

Tiana Canterbury

Mike Champion

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The art of celebrating your wins – Inspired by Lea Salonga

Here we were at the back of the bar at the Intercontinental hotel.  “Hi! I’m Tina!” I said as I shook Leas’ hand.  “Yes! We met on Twitter!” Lea said.

Wow! My hero, my idol, someone that I have looked up to for over 30 years remembers me. She had responded to my blog post just before her Sydney concert: You can read it here: How to deal with Haters, Critics and Judgemental people


She told us how starving she was after her Sydney Concert at the Sydney Town Hall. I had an out of “body experience” as I sat next to Lea while she ate her burger and chips.

I think that’s the experience you get when you are in the moment.

You see everything slowing down. Yep! That’s the state I wanted to be in when I met my hero.

After years of learning her songs and listening to her recordings, I reflected back. If I had made the first Sydney cast of Miss Saigon, would I have been at this table next to Lea Salonga? I think not….

This is where my life was meant to be.

I look back and think everything has a time, there is a purpose and trust God or the universe.

I felt like all the hustle, let downs and the highs had led to this very moment.

I was happy to just “BE.”

Be in the moment. Be me.

This was my celebration.

I didn’t need to get the “selfie” with Lea.

I was just happy to soak everything in. Thank you Lea for being so gracious and down to earth. I enjoyed just chatting about our families and life.


I am thankful to our mutual friend Rosary for introducing us.  A bigger thank you to Rob and Christian for their patience.

Carol Monoloto, thank you for including my students and I at Lea’s first ever Sydney concert, what an incredible experience! Thank you to the production team, fellow support artists and especially to Andrew Baris, our dance teacher, who has the gift of bringing out the best out of us!

Thank you to the One Voice families and students for your continued support. I am extremely proud of the kids who put their heart and soul into their performances.

IMG_6285 IMG_6284 IMG_6287

How do you celebrate your wins? Do you celebrate your wins? Tell us in the comments below.

Like, comment, and  share this post with someone you think should celebrate more often!


I want you to think about your latest achievement and make sure you give yourself a pat on the back. Sometimes we forget and we move on to the next goal.

You deserve that celebration.

Musically your Tina xx



If you loved these amazing photos Photo Credit goes to: Dennis Pelaez dpelaezphotography.com.au (the twins’ dad)

Thank you Cherlize’s dad Cy for taking this footage of our performance.

If you would like a copy of Be heard you can download it here on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/be-heard/id944094298?i=944094307



6 ways to deal with Haters, Critics and Judgmental people

I spent last week in bed with the flu. When you have a blocked nose, sore back and joints you realise what you take for granted. Just being able to breathe and move painlessly and freely is a blessing!

The accumulation of anxious, stress and high expectation had hit me and bowled me over. It started at the first rehearsal for the Lea Salonga concert is which is to be held on Friday 31st of July 2015 at the Sydney Town Hall. The director said to the whole cast, “You know there’s been talk of people in the community wondering why amateur performers have been chosen to be the support act for international star Lea Salonga.”

“Some people are not liking the choices made.”

Some even taking to facebook asking why would people pay $150 to watch a bunch of amateurs, even boasting “Looks like I have stirred something in the Filipino-Australian community.”

Others commented back, defending the choices made saying, “they are the quiet achievers in the community.”

I started to feel every cell in my body deflate.

I had so much doubt in my mind- what if they are right? Am I kidding myself? Am I deserving of this opportunity?

Yes, me! Someone who has had 20 years experience as a professional singer and Vocal Teacher.

Let’s face it, there are so many amazing Filipino- Australian singers in the community, some well known in the community, some waiting to be discovered, some quietly working their butt off studying their craft, slowly planting the seeds.

How lucky are we to have the opportunity to watch them grow!

So before you use the term amateur with a negative connotation, think about this:

Of course while studying at school (because that’s where children are supposed to be at during the day) they study and work on the craft after school, attending singing lessons, dance lessons, choir practices or rehearsing for upcoming shows.

  • Some are part of organisations that perform for corporate gigs, concerts and big events in Sydney.
  • Some have worked and sung on stage together with international acts like Charice and David Pomeranz (who has graciously mentored some of these kids and myself)
  • Some gracing the stage of amateur community productions as the leading ladies (which normally are filled with professional musicians, and singers who just want to give back to the community or are waiting for the next professional show to start back in town)
  • Some kids have even represented Australia in major singing competitions overseas.
  • Two will be creating their first album of original songs and one of them will be working with producers who have worked with Jessica Malbouy, this particular student had also graduated with honours at Newtown performing arts school and is now studying music full time.
  • One has been a recording artist in the Philippines.
  • One has performed for a function in front of the Australian Prime Minister.
  • Some performed in Disneyland, Universal studios, and major theme parks in LA and have sung and performed down Hollywood Boulevard, part of the Hollywood Christmas Parade.

Before Marlisa was “Marlisa” winner of X-factor, I remember preparing her and a bunch of other talented kids to be a support act for one of the biggest stars in the Philippines- Sharon Cuneta.

When will you embrace their gifts? When they make it on reality TV?

Who’s to say you are not special NOW. 

These kids are gems, being polished and nurtured over time. Without opportunities like this they will not flourish…you will not see their greatness, they will not be able to shine and showcase how special they are.

So before you judge; please take a look at yourself.

What have you done or what are you doing to follow your dreams?

If you are following your dreams! Great. So you know how hard it is when people around you say, “You can’t!” You are always the first one to defy them and show them what you are made of.

Don’t dampen the dreams of kids who only see the good, who only want to sing because it makes them feel alive.

This event is a celebration of song and expression.

A celebration of what Lea represents to the Filipino community all around the world, especially to the young.

Hope! That’s what she represents.  The hope that if you work hard and never lose sight of your dreams, you can make things happen.

Lea is someone I looked up to and have admired since the age of 7. She inspired me to call my School “ONE VOICE.”

One voice can change the world…Lea’s voice changed my world, it created a ripple affect that has reached our shores and what an incredible impact she has in our children’s lives, especially my students.


So no matter if you are a budding or professional performer don’t let anyone bring you down! Keep believing! Be heard! 

Here are 6 ways to deal with the “Haters” or “Judgmental” people:

  1. First of all forgive them- Sometimes they haven’t really thought about their negative comments and the effect it can have, some just have no idea what it’s all about and not really thinking about the bigger picture.


  1. Don’t dwell on what you cannot control. Thoughts can consume you and the worry and stress is wasted energy. Focus on what you need to get done and the finer details so you can crush your goals and make your performances even better.


  1. If there is some truth to what they say, then use it to “Fuel your Fear” a term I got from author Kassandra Bibas. Work extra harder during the rehearsals and take it constructively. Be the best you can be! This quote was a golden nugget after a chat with performance coach Ed Tseng – “Fear and insecurity are just memory and imagination ~Michael Neill”


  1. Surround yourself with positive people who will encourage you in an honest and genuine way. Talk to a coach, a mastermind group or someone that can give you strategies to overcome any negative thinking.


  1. List down all the amazing and wonderful things you have already achieved. My cousin Remy shared this with me: “Let go, or be dragged.” ~Zen proverb.
11754482_10205859820549542_1041468199847031786_o (1)


  1. Be grateful that you have been chosen to be part of something bigger than yourself. Life coach Heidi Howes mentioned to “Look outwards rather than inwards.”


I hope this helps you overcome any stress caused by negative energy. A big thank you to the people who helped me get through the past few weeks: Andrew Baris, Ed Tseng, Heidi Howes, Sharon, my mastermind group – Kassandra, Phil and Keri and especially Rob and Christian.

How do you deal with haters and judgmental people?

Tell us in the comments below. It might just help someone else.


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Lea Salonga will be on our TV screens here in Australia on the Today show, Wednesday 29th of July 2015. Channel 9. Watch between 6am-9am.

There are a few tickets left for Lea Salonga Tickets this coming Friday the 31st of July 2015, Sydney Town Hall.

I hope to see you there and if you see a support artist in the crowd the night of the concert, please give them a word of encouragement; it will make a world of difference.

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