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Ep 026 Great Brand Storytelling On Video with Mark Flores

Mark D. Flores is a video strategist/producer who founded Falcon Creative to help brands and businesses make a bigger impact with high-quality video productions and digital marketing.
In this podcast interview, Mark shares with you some solid video marketing strategies to assist you in 3 key areas:
1. How to grab your audience’s attention
2. How to keep your audience’s attention
3. How to trigger action from your viewer

Mark also provides some valuable entrepreneurial insights in helping you achieve results such as turning your passion into a business with the aid of video and digital marketing.

You can download his free 24-pg workbook “A Business Owner’s Workbook To Great Brand Storytelling On Video”. It shows you how to cultivate a strategic storytelling practice since it’s one of the most powerful ways that every growing business and lasting brand needs.
Download it for free at: http://bit.ly/2pWPTSN

Mark is a creative through and through and is also passionate about playing the guitar, singing and practising mindfulness. He is obsessed with nature walks and gets a thrill using Google Home.
Check out his company website on http://falconcreative.com.au and connect with him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/markdfloresproductions

Spotify link to song “All That Jazz”
My company link, Falcon Creative
Link to Mark D. Flores business page

Tina Bangel free 15min NLP Laser call www.tinabangel.com/lasercall
Sponsor: sghomeloans.com.au

Ep 025 One Voice can change the world podcast featuring Van Sereno

Don’t be fooled, this aint no PopAsia. No gangnam style or cheesy love ballads from this man! Van is an Australian indie artist migrated from the Philippines and based in Sydney from the tender age of 5. Growing up in the inner west has produced a competent guitarist and an innovative songwriter with an engaging voice.

Starting out as session guitarist for Sydneys top cover bands and various recording studios around town, he graduated with his own originals outfit and songwriting vehicle VAMPit. For years he worked on his craft until he felt comfortable breaking out on his own solo career in early 2005. Eleven years later, Van is promoting his 8th independently released album “Don’t Worry”, and continues to play anything from pubs, clubs, weddings, corporates, tours and festivals.

His music is best described as indie urban acoustic with a pop sensibility, a kind of storytelling with a groove. Not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, Van offers you a brand of music that is quirky, cheeky and yet foot stomping and booty shaking at the same time. Think John Mayer meets Babyface.

What we spoke about:

What are 5 tips to being a better songwriter? 
What are some perceived failures but looking back that was the best thing that ever happened to you? 
If someone has been gigging for years what are ways to keep things interesting and how have your evolved? 
Give us examples of ways you have evolved as songwriter and performer?  
I know that you are creative and firstly you are an artist, one of the struggles we have as singers and artists is wearing different hats (admin etc) how are you finding the balance with social media and creativity? 
Who are your mentors? 
What does 10 years look like for you? 
The name of this podcast is One Voice can change the world what does this mean to you?
What is one song that changed your life? 
How can people connect with you? Where can we get your latest album? 
Follow Van at www.vansereno.com

Follow Van on IG https://www.instagram.com/vansereno/

Follow Van on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Van-Sereno-9071082571/

Free PDF download – 5 essentials ways to start creating your first album http://tinabangel.com/starmakeraccelerator

Listen to Keep on keeping on the One Voice can change the world podcast spotify playlist 

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Ep 024 Vocal health and how to land Cruise ship gigs with Jasmine Biala

Loved my time with the one and only Jasmine Biala!

Jasmine finds no greater joy than singing. From the tender age of 7, Jasmine has been heavily involved with the Filipino-Australian community, singing for various charity events and opening for international music acts.

Since completing her Bachelor of Music, Jasmine has been involved in numerous musical contexts – from performing to big audiences, to recording original music. She prides herself on her versatility, growing up with a love for all types of music. Her greatest achievement in her career so far is performing to a sold out crowd with her original group, Enter The Ninja.

One of Jasmine’s defining characteristics is her pursuit to make everyone smile through her music.

In this episode Jasmine shares her personal story about her vocal health.  How she overcame her vocal struggles and continues to wow audiences not only in Sydney but Internationally whilst sailing on the seas!

Instagram: @jasminebiala
Website (for my acoustic duo): www.jasmineandjohn.com

3 Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Make That Keep Them Broke And Exhausted — And How You Can Eliminate Them Watch Video 1 here

Ep 023 How to create a team to support your vision with Cat Thompson

It was wonderful to learn about Cat Thompson’s story and what she has been up to.

Always busy creating and working toward her vision as an artist, Cat realised at the early start of her career, that having a team she could trust and gain inspiration from was equally important as having good work ethics and persistence in the music business.

Cat shares her story about growing up overseas, her early introduction to music, how she developed as a singer and dancer and also how she creates her music videos.

Her positive nature is inspiring and she is currently heavily promoting her new single Be Mine.

Google Play

Website:        www.catthompson.com
YouTube:        www.youtube.com/catthompson
Facebook:      www.facebook.com/catthompsonofficial
Instagram:     instagram.com/catthompsonofficial
Twitter:            twitter.com/catthompsonlive

Manager:       Nick Adelino
Email:             nick [at] arizpoint [dot] com

Mentioned in the podcast:

Please join the 5 day singing challenge : Grow in singing confidence one song at a time:  http://tinabangel.com/onevoice5daysingingchallenge

Ep 022 Creating your signature sound, landing festival gigs and being vulnerable

Very honoured to have my former student and One Voice Alumni as part of the podcast! 

Clarissa has just released her new single Vulnerable which is now available online!

I watched Clarissa’s grow, develop her own style, she paved her own way.  We chat about her process on creating her signature sound, how she landed gigs at some of Sydney’s finest music festivals.

We dive into her inspiration for her single Vulnerable.  Can’t wait to see what’s next for Clarissa!


“I’m a big fan of debut singles. I think they make such a statement when done correctly, and when someone pulls it off effectively, its impact is unrivalled in announcing exactly who the artist is and what they’re about. This is exactly what we have here with CLARISSA MEI, who has arrived in spectacular fashion with her debut single, ‘Vulnerable’.” Emma Jones of www.purplesneakers.com.au

Follow her on :

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ClarissaMeiMusic/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/clarissamei/

Listen Vulnerable Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0YvrCLq7c4ICmfJEia7Xxo

Bandcamp: https://clarissamei.bandcamp.com/releases

Final song: Journey Gently by Tina Bangel

Ep 120 How to nail your next audition with Amy Orman

This Episode was brought to you by The Diaz Foundation and 5 Vocal Tea.

Amy Orman is a New York based singer, dancer and actress. She has recently finished 2 seasons as a Radio City performer.

I was honoured to have her as my singing student when she was younger, she then graduated from McDonald College and moved to Chicago to gain a degree in Music Theatre.

With a wealth of experience singing on Cruise Ships, Musicals in the USA, as well as mentoring young singers in Chicago, Amy shares valuable tips on how to nail your next audition.

She shares how she has made a living from being a performer, her struggles, her triumphs and how her and her husband (who is also a New York musician) create opportunities for themselves during the off seasons.

You can follow Amy at the following links:
Instagram: @oamyo

Listen on Apple Podcast
Listen on YouTube

Ep 019 One Voice can change the world with Blessie Pilapil

This Episode 019 is brought to you by

5 Vocal Tea and The Diaz Foundation.

Blessie Pilapil is the founder of Calitive and also a singer-songwriter.  We chat about her songwriting process and why it took her two years to release her single Start Over. We speak about the importance of family, networking, her strong faith and surrounding herself with positive people.

Blessie Pilapil

In this episode we mentioned

Lea Salonga

Joe Magno

Jhay Cabrera

Jubilation singers

S T A R T O V E R / /

O U T I N S T O R E S N O W 

you can listen on apple music or spotify…





Photographer: Charles K Sedghi

Producer: Jhay Cabrera

Songwriter: Blessie Pilapil

If you would like to be a guest on the podcast please email me at tina [at] tinabangel [dot] com or visit tinabangel.com

6 tips to help you sing with soul – Vocal workshop with DeAndre Brackensick

There are voices that sing …and then…. there are souls who sing.

DeAndre Brackensick is one of those souls.

His voice is heaven sent, God given.

We were lucky enough to have DeAndre conduct a vocal workshop for us.

I came across an amazing Youtube video featuring DeAndre and incredible singers and musicians Unaware/Pretty Wings • Allen Stone/Maxwell | #LOOPSLIVE

I was so excited to share this clip with my students.  We studied his technique, vocal licks, to the way he shaped his mouth when singing the high notes and basically I just wanted them to see what it’s like to sing with soul and feeling.

You can imagine my excitement when I found out that he would be in Sydney for the Gospel Jam organised by Pastor David Eco of Living Bread Ministries.  Our very own One Voice Alumni Clarissa Mei is part of the Gospel Jam Choir.

That same day I reached out to him and asked if he could conduct a vocal workshop for my students and anyone who wanted to learn how to sing with more soul, passion and learn how to sing vocal licks with ease.

6 tips to help you sing with soul inspired by DeAndre Brackensick

Here are a few things we learnt from DeAndre.  I’m going to tie in a few of my singing tips too.

1.Open your mouth

Sounds obvious!

When we feel nervous often the first thing we do is fall into the habit of tensing our bodies.  You may feel it in your shoulders, neck, tongue and jaw. 

As singers who are just beginning, it’s quiet natural to forget how to relax and open the mouth.

For some singers who are in the vicinity of DeAndre and hearing him sing, you may automatically feel intimidated and not good enough.

Here are some ways to overcome that self doubt.  

1. Be aware that your body may be tense. 

  • Where do you feel your tension?
  • How are you holding your body? 
  • Is it closed?  Are your arms folded in front of you?
  • Are your feet together and knees locked?

Now change your physiology.

  • Stand tall
  • Have your feet grounded, feel yourself rooted to the ground yet free enough to move to the the music.
  • Arms at your side
  • Neck is long, head held high
  • Shoulders down and relaxed

How do you feel?  Balanced? Confident? Free?

Compare this stance to your tense body posture. 

Changing your physiology and the way you are standing will help you have a more confident mindset. You will be ready to confidently sing.

2. Change the negative language in your head with positive language.

Do something for me now. Write down the chatter in your head when when you feel nervous:

e.g – I can’t do this, my voice sounds bad, what will people think of me.

Replace the negative chatter in your mind with talk that may be more useful.

Write them down .e.g. I can do this! Yes, I get to do this! I am confident.

List positive practical things you can say to yourself.

3. Now implement these to the act of singing or to your goal.

Your goal may be to open your mouth when singing higher notes.

  • Are you in the correct singing posture? Are you watching yourself in the mirror?
  • Are you using better language? e.g. Relax and drop the jaw, open the mouth 2 finger spaces wide
  • Now sing with your goal in mind
  • You may have to do it a multiple times until you get it right, until it feels natural or consult a Vocal coach to see if you are heading in the right direction.


4. Celebrate

Often we don’t celebrate enough when we have the slightest improvement.  By celebrating with a pat on the back you reward yourself for good behaviour.  The more you repeat this process the more likely you will gravitate to this good behaviour and stick to it.

Break out of the negative pattern and replace it with positive ones.

When you apply this often enough, you change your negative pattern and replace it with new positive patterns, you will form a new habit that feels natural.

2. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake

DeAndre made the top 24 in season 10 of American idol.  He came back the following year and made it to the top 8.  That says something. 

He learnt from his mistakes in Season 10 and came back better and stronger in Season 11.  By making mistakes or so called “failing” you will find yourself “failing forward” if you let it.

Which means you learn to do better next time, that’s the beauty of failing.  You can use it to your advantage, you work towards your goal until you reach it or surpass it. 

Look where DeAnrde’s experience lead him …. more opportunities like being a support act for Boys to Men and John Legend.  Imagine if he didn’t try again.

Quitting = Failing 

Keep your vision alive!

3. Practice Ad-libs

One of the highlights of the vocal workshop was the ad-libing activity where he would play on his guitar and sing a conversation with each person at the workshop.

Some found it easy, some found it a challenge.

I bet that if we were to do that again, each participant would do better…why?

Because they know what to expect…the negative chatter in their head would be replaced with positive chatter.

Don’t beat yourself up! 

If you see a baby trying to walk and falling down you wouldn’t say anything bad to the baby, you find yourself encouraging them. Saying get up…you can do it…and with those few steps you would find yourself clapping and cheering them on. 

That’s what you need to do with your steps towards learning to sing.  Do the work though!

4. Listen to other singers and artists other than what’s on the radio or on the current charts

Before the workshop ended each person was given an artist to listen to and study.

By listening to singers that are not so popular and not on todays’ Top 40 charts, it broadens your way of thinking and being creative.

Listen to different genres that you wouldn’t normally listen to – Country, Jazz, Indie, Rock, Latin.

The idea is to find sounds, rhythms, tones and textures and vocally play with with those sounds, texture, tones and rhythms. 

Perhaps you like the vocal lick of a particular singer – study the lick. 

  • Count the amount to notes there are. 
  • Study the movement of the melody.
  • Use a piano or guitar to isolate the melody. Slow it down.
  • Sing the melody to numbers or one syllable (Ah)
  • Repeat the process until you get the melody and rhythm right
  • Now study the tone (deep, chesty, whisper) and texture (Gritty, soft, light)
  • You may have to repeat this hundreds of times just to feel like it’s natural.

5. Believe in yourself

We sometime forget to acknowledge how far we have come.  Take time to look back on your achievements – big or small.

Write down all the achievements you have created for yourself within in the past year, within the past 5 years and then 10 years.

Look at your accomplishments, bring yourself back to that time, smile and feel grateful.

Now that you have those moments inside your heart go ahead and think about 3 things you would like to accomplish in the near future.

Write them down, imagine your goals happening…. How do you feel?


6. Be open to learning and raise your standards

Surround yourself with people who lift you up. 

I can teach ad-libs but it doesn’t come to me as naturally as DeAndre.  This is the reason why I reached out to him. 

I believe in learning from people who are better than you.  Why? Because it pushes you to be not just good but outstanding. 

Singing with someone better than you can help you grow as artist.  You can watch them intently- watch what they do with their mouth, how they form their words, how they use their body when singing high notes and low notes, how they move to the music to get themselves in the zone of singing.

It’s inspiring and the more you surround yourself with that inspiration the more you will innately gravitate to singing the way that you wish to. 

Ofcourse, it won’t come easily.  You need to work, sing and make mistakes along the way so you can figure out how to do it better.

DeAndre sparked my inspiration to not only be a better singer but also to be a better teacher.  To challenge my students to have a higher standard and keep working hard towards their goal until they get it or surpass it. I’m so grateful to him.  A wonderful young role model and so very humble. Be on the look out for DeAndre’s album in the near future, next month he will be backing vocalist to Guy Sebastian.  You can follow him on Instagram and Facebook

Thank you to all who attended, big shout out to Ronell who travelled two hours from the coast just to attend.  It was wonderful to learn from each and every one of you. Very proud of the One Voice kids who attended- giving up their Sunday to improve on their craft.

Huge thank you our generous Sponsors – The Diaz Foundation and The Five Vocal tea.

Musically yours!

Tina xx

P.S We are now taking enrolments for term 4!  I not only teach children but I also have room for adult students.

P.S.S  I have 10 Spots for a free 30min Vocal Consultation for new students.  Bookings essential!  Please email at tina [at] tinabangel [dot] com to claim you spot now.  Offer ends 15th of October 2017. Lessons can be via Skype or one on one.

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The art of celebrating your wins – Inspired by Lea Salonga

Project Be Heard

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to release the Project Be Heard film clip my students and I created.

I have my theories but perhaps it’s the fear of judgement, fear of not being perfect, fear of facing my fears….

Many of you have contributed to this beautiful clip that was directed by my creative friend Dulce Amor Aguilar and filmed by my uber talented friend Jeffrey Estanislao. It stars One Voice students Jade Lee, Jared Lesaca, Giuliana D’Aprile and my son Christian Bangel.

If you watch this clip, it’s not a clip about singing or performance. The message of this song has evolved into a message of speaking up.

This is not entirely a song about singing, even though I am a singing teacher…it’s about having the courage to be brave.

For you, it could be being “brave enough to speak your mind.”

It could be being “brave enough to not lower your standards so that you fit the mould.”

It could be being “brave enough to face trauma that you dealt with as a young child.”

Which ever BRAVE it is …own it.

Being Brave means that you give permission for others to do the same.

You give others permission to dream big, to do big and to shine in their own special way.

I dedicate this clip to a child who has had to face their fears all alone.

Which child?

The bullied child,
The bully who didn’t know any better,
The child who is navigating through a world in which they don’t understand or the child who just wants to be loved, be heard and seen.

When I look into my son’s eyes I hope and pray for him

may you learn to be brave,
may you learn to love,
may you learn to be kind,
may you learn to receive love and be loved.
One day, life will serve you days where you will want to give up…but know there are people that will be by your side.

Look for them …pray for them and they will appear.

Be brave. Be bold.

I would like to thank all the Project Be Heard ambassadors who helped this come to life, sponsors, pledgers, people who spread the word especially the people who helped me create the project from the very beginning.
I especially want to thank Margo Ward and the amazing KidsXpress team for allowing us to help spread their work to the world and in turn make a difference in a child’s life.

Most of all, I thank my husband Rob and Christian, my parents and immediate family for their constant support, friends and my students, current and past.

One voice can change the world…your voice and mine….

Tina xx

Be Heard written by : Tina Bangel, Louie Ocampo and Lionel Cole.
Thank you to everyone who supported Project Be Heard in one way or another.
We continue to Be Heard because of you!

Jeff Estanislao Videography
Dulce Amor Aguilar Nuh Productions
Isy Mosqueda- Hair and Makeup
One Voice School of Singing
Bangel Family, Ranoso Family, Francisco Family, Solarte Family
Bruder Family, Catherine Andres, Raad Family,
Rica Jankulovski, Delane Cooper, Jennifer Turrell, Meri Leask
Robert and Maria Bock, Marcus Rivera, Marsh Family, Sheila Raptis
Gerald and Samantha Oblea, Sunita Naidu,
Radiant Star Entertainment, Cheers Entertainment, Oz Pinoy home loans, Filipino Community Cooperative, What’s on 4 Kids , Sizzling Fillo Restaurant

Project Be Heard Ambassadors
Christian Bangel
Giuliana D’Aprile
Jared Lasca
Jade Lee
Abigail Mangtanong
Alexandra Barrientos
Alyssa Gratil
Beia Festejos
Nick Forrest
Caitlin Impreso
Caitlyn Ranoso
Charlize Santos
Clarissa Bock
Elouise Pelaez
Jasmine Henry
Jayme Macaraeg
Jill Gutierrez
Josephine Ezzy
Joy Laquian
JR Barrientos
Kaitryel Pelaez
Matthew Andre Dino
Michael Ezzy
Mikayla Barrientos
Molly Reynolds
Nathaniel Esplanada
Pam Picart
Ysabella Sibuciao


My secret weapon in Music Business

We’re in the final stretch of the year – how are your goals shaping up?

Maybe you’ve been dream boarding like crazy, writing down your goals in your journal every day, saying affirmations every day.

And then…. Nothing.

The procrastination sets in. The resistance screws up your plans. You get a speeding ticket in the post unexpectedly. Your website crashes right in the middle of a launch. Your partner starts acting weird.

Maybe it’s not just the right time? Maybe the Universe is conspiring against you?

Nope. It’s not that you are bad at manifesting. You’re probably missing pieces of the formula.

I want to share a new FREE resource with you from my friend and mentor, Denise Duffield-Thomas. It’s her very easy and practical Manifesting Formula. Sign up here or click on the photo below.


Denise is an incredible money mindset mentor, AKA “The Lucky Bitch” whose best-selling books and courses have helped thousands of entrepreneurs step-up to create success and abundance.

Denise will share her process that will take you from “personal development junkie” into a manifesting MACHINE and money magnet.

I have to say that Denise has really helped me with my money mindset when it comes to earning money as a singer. I have been able to reinforce that singing is not just a hobby but a business that has helped me grow in all areas of my life.

She makes it easy, fun and totally chilled. There’s a free cheat sheet so you can play along.

Just sign up here (it’s free): yu103.isrefer.com/go/lbmc/tinabangel/

You don’t need to be perfect, meditate five hours a day or chant under a full moon to manifest your ideal life!

But you DO need to CLEAR your mind of any blocks, get CRYSTAL clear on your goals, infuse every part of your day with positivity, take inspired ACTION and learn to RECEIVE (yes, it’s a learned process – women really struggle with that part).

Play along here: yu103.isrefer.com/go/lbmc/tinabangel/

Denise and her courses has helped me in so many ways:

  • In one month I was able to earn extra $2500 in my business by creating a live event for singers.Star maker Accelerator
  • I created and launch my first EP that was paid for through sponsorship.dsc08954
  • I found the courage to increase my vocal coaching and singing fees.singing-makes-me-feel-happy
  • I toured Australia (all expenses paid) as a backing vocalist with a celebrity singer/TV host filling 2000 plus capacity venue.14440764_10153907573773263_896116673717818319_n
  • I set boundaries and work with people that I feel a connection with or inspire me as a performer
  • David Pomeranz and Tina Bangel. Editing the clip down to less than 15mins was so hard because David was so entertaining!Tina Bangel and Lionel Cole
  • I was able to give better opportunities and gigs to my students

Here are 5 tips to help me manifest my goals as a singer and vocal coach using Denise’s teaching:


Denise helped me declutter (physically, mentally and emotionally)

It’s a process that is ongoing but decluttering (which I find very difficult to do) helps you to break repeating patterns over and over again.

The energy you free up will allow you to manifest that perfect gig, that dream body or create that perfect song.

Tina with friends Pam Picart, Clarissa Bock, Steff Martonhelyi

For myself, I had to free my mindset as singing just being a “hobby.” I now treat it like a business and by doing that it helped me to unblock the flow of success. Once I started treating it like business I felt comfortable calling myself a professional singer and a vocal coach, I received better opportunities and I found people asking me how much I charge for a my services.

Decluttering the people I surrounded myself with helped as well. I surrounded myself with people who appreciated my talents. I surrounded myself with people I admired and respected me. I deleted “friends” on Facebook who didn’t serve me but gravitated toward people who inspire me in my business and family life.

Forgiving is part of decluttering. I had to forgive my family members who made me feel unworthy or not capable of making a living from singing. I had to forgive myself for not treating singing seriously when I was younger and being naïve.


Define what you really want. It’s no use saying I want to earn $500 per gig but it’s requires you to work and prepare for it longer than expected.

Do you want more gigs? How many? What kind of gigs do you want? Corporate, festivals, pubs and clubs? Be specific.

How many gigs will you do for free and what kind of boundaries will you set when it comes to free gigs. It’s ok to set boundaries and let people know that you do not work for free or you require transport money. You have worked hard on your craft you deserve to be paid.

Get clear on what it is you really want. Who would you like to work with, who would you like to taught by, who would you like to meet to inspire you to be a better version of yourself? (for me it was of course Oprah)

Oprah and Tina

For example, I would like to be singing at a wedding on a beach in the Maldives, all expenses paid (food, travel, accommodation) for a couple who are beautiful kind people and who appreciate our music. Their guests are fun loving and are touched by our performance.

This goes with your band members that you would like to attract too.

to the type of performer you would like to be, even to how you would like your voice to sound like?

I created a vision board 15 years ago and I cut out a picture of a lady with a guitar who left her TV job to be the backing vocalist for Tina Turner. I hoped one to be a backing vocalist for a famous person. Over the past 6 years I have been blessed enough to sing, travel and tour with famous celebrities mainly from the Philippines.



I also had a picture I cut out of Julie Andrews at Disneyland with kids hoping to one day bring students there to sing.  It happened in 2013.

Article Ang Kalatas

Article Ang Kalatas



Visualising what you want and feeling it to your very core will help you manifest it quicker.

If you want a wonderful performance visiualiuse yourself performing with confidence, hear your voice being expressive and free. See the crowd cheering or giving you the standing ovation at the end of a song, feel the lights on your face, feel yourself moving freely and effortly on stage with the band grooving, smiling feeling and enjoying creating the music with you.



Take action

Decide which action step need to be next to pull opportunities towards you

What team would you need to surround yourself with to make the goals happen? Do you need a vocal coach, a manager, a choreographer, a musical director.

Start building a team around you now rather than waiting a few weeks before a performance

Take tie for yourself to celebrate wins and evaluate. Balance work and fun so you don’t burn out.


Give yourself permission to shine, to be on the stage! My favourite Lucky Bitch Mantra is “I serve, I deserve!” Learn to receive money or opportunities that comes to you. Don’t lose sitght of a free coffee on your coffee card, a free service that someone has kindly offered you. Be grateful (even by praying) and show it.

Go ahead and do the steps for yourself.  Join the free short manifesting course that will help you gravitate to your ideal gigs, people to work with and enless opportunities.

Just sign up here (it’s free): yu103.isrefer.com/go/lbmc/tinabangel/

Comment below and tell me what you want to manifest!